Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well..from Perth and Ironman i went back to the goldcoast for a few days then off to Hobart and Tasmania to see my good friend jarred for a week . He's a Sea Plane Pilot down there and took a week out of his busy schedule to show me around.

here are a few of our pic's .. these first two are in his home town of Strahan..i can't remember what was so funny... think its was the beers we had prior to this photo.... (Strahan it's a tiny little tourist town with not alot in it)... Don't expect a mcdonalds or anything resembling any kind of chain store for that matter... quite nice that way... there are a few pubs and some great pub food however.

This is a shot jarred took of me taking some footage of the amazing sunset Strahan had to offer that night..

This photo is of Mt Wellington in Hobart.. it's roughly a 18-20k climb from bottom to top... but be warned the top is bloody cold.. there were small piles of ice at the top and we really weren't dressed for the occasion... so take a jacket people.. for the love of god take a jacket...

Out side our hobart visit we did a bit of touring around.I had to keep some sort of fitness.. So these next two shots are of Eagle-Neck bay and of me running at Eagleneck.,,,, jarred was getting his artist grove on while i was doing reps... he takes a pretty good shot actually...A beautiful place only an hour of so from Hobart. ( i sound like a travel show? )

hanging with my mate was great , we dont get to catch up to much , so it's always good to see him.
Tassie is beautiful and remote.. ( it's also bloody cold ) If you go there , Go to Strahan and go get a flight on a seaplane...
Jarred will buy you a beer afterwards...unless you have a morning flight that is??

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ironman Western Australia

My First IM

On Sunday I raced my first Ironman….
I had a 3 week break in October, so coming into Ironman Western Australia I was concerned I hadn’t done the work required to pull this off in one piece..
Pre-race nerves were high….when I say nerves.. I mean to say I was packing myself…

Race day rolled round way to fast and I found myself drinking my chocolate milk at 3am in the morning ( it was a 5:30am race start ) thinking what have I got myself into..
Diving into the unknown is always a little scary…

Once I was down at the swim start the nerves actually started to ease and then when I entered the water I was fine… swimming felt good and started to relax… I think being around 1500 nervous IM starters before hand was freaking me out….

A few mintues till the gun and all the pro starters were standing in hip deep water….The gun went off and it was business time with the usual suspects taking the lead out in the swim ( Pete Jacobs and Luke Bell ) The pace was steady until we hit the turn around at roughly 2k when Pete put in a big surge…and I was caught off guard being at the back of the lead pack. I started to kick hard to bridge the gap…Unfortunately for me a few feet/calf cramps and swimming with my feet bent like I was running caused me to lose the front group.. Lucky for me another group was coming along not to far behind. I swum the rest of the way to shore with them. Existing the water a little over a minute down on the lead guys.
Was on the bike I must have thought I was in a sprint race , because I went out hard and soon realized I had left my biking legs back in the hotel and then started to suffer.. this was all in the first 5k of the bike… ( I laugh now ) .
At the time however I wasn’t overly excited about the fact I was struggling to stay with the cyclist I knew would be near the front off the bike…In the end I had to admit defeat and ride my own race.. the pace was a bit to hot for me and the lack of time trailing was showing.
I proceeding to settle into a pace I could sustain for 180k.. I rode most of the ride with Scott Neydeli for company.

Coming off the bike i was scared as I had no idea what the body was going to do.. Cramp, vomit, poo, puke, shut down, or go like a cannon ball on heat… I was hoping to the later option… I went out of T2 at a pace I thought was manageable. Trying not to let the crowd wind me up to much , although the laps through town were great, hearing the crowd cheer for you was an awesome feeling and It made the pain go away for about 1KM every lap..
The first 30K was pretty good I held onto a smooth-ish rhythm .. the last 12 K was PAIN.. I was holding close to the same pace but it was hurting a lot more… ( I was so happy at this point that I didn’t go out any harder at the start of the marathon or I would have been paying a big price for it ) As it was I managed to hold on a cross the line with a 3:15 marathon and a time of 8:50 on my IM debut . To top it off I had my friend and voice of IM call me over the line ( Mike Rielly ) it

Was a moment I won’t soon forget..
A few first for me done and dusted..
First IM and First Marathon ( first time I have run over 30k actually )
I don’t know if I’ll be back for more IM races soon , but it’s nice to have the first one ticked off. I just have to work out how to go 8:30 for my next one now…. Pain is the only option..

I’m back in Perth now, relaxing having a few beers and doing not much of anything… until next week anyway.

I’ve piped on long enough… Until the next time


PS: thanks for all the messages.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Perth and WA

So i'm in Perth for about 3 weeks..

Yep i've left the Gold Coast and i'm hanging in the most isolated city in the world...

Last weekend i was convinced by kate Bevilaqua that racing an Olympic distance would be a good idea..... then i realized it's been over a year since i raced one... my body is in for a world of hurt..... good hurt... but an entire world of it....." i wasn't wrong"

Now this is where i write my race report right? wrong...!!!! the good folks that put the event on did it for me.....
The legends that they are.....So i being the savvy technologically gifted person that i am... i cut and paste that bad boy below.....

Mum always said i was special.....anyway i'm getting side tracked again....

a few things before i do cut and paste....
Big thanks to Kate, karen and Ernie for putting me a up ( and drinking with me )... your amazing!!!!" ( Kate i hope you rip Busso up next week, i'm sure you will )

When a city reaches 39 degrees.... it's not awesome
The flys drive me completely insane ( they are in the country )
If you are a slow swimmer , swimming in the fast lane.... move the #@$% over!!

Other than those few little moans ... Perth has been awesome.. definitely a place i'd recommend to people traveling , into wine, beaches/ surfing ( waters a bit chilly ) ...Rad town and good people... come here and love it..


The BunBerri Classic 2010 was run in near perfect triathlon conditions today with nearly 240 people

crossing the finish line. Competitors were split across sprint distance (750/20/5) and Olympic

distance (1.5/40/10) courses in open and age group categories. Transition was abuzz prior to race

briefing with anticipation of the 1st serious event for the season and Triathlon Western Australia

Triathlete of the Year (TOTY) points up for grabs. The looming thunder clouds also added to the

atmosphere while the very light sprinkling of rain help to keep conditions cool.

The Orca Swim leg was held in the near glassy waters of Koombana Bay, the 21.5C temperature

allowing the Tech Officials to rule it wet suit legal swim, much to the relief of the age groupers. The

Triathlon Excellence Program (an elite junior development program) squad members were the 1st

hit the water, led out by the strong swimming of Kenji Nener. Kenji zoomed through the water and

was well clear into the 1st transition. His fellow competitors never saw his back again until after the

race, Kenji finishing well clear, some 5 minutes ahead of his nearest rival and breaking the 1 hour

barrier by 47 seconds for the 750m Swim, 20km Cycle and 5km run.

The open field were next away, and as expected they dusted the swim leg in quick time, with James

Lewin leading the men out of the water, closely followed by Guy Crawford from New Zealand with

Nick Murray a further minute behind. Local Young Gun Ash Bailie in her debut Olympic Distance

event was the first open female competitor out of the water, followed by stalwart competitors

Katrina Mercer and Kate Bevilaqua.

Flying through transition 1 it was then time to get down to serious business of the 40km Shotz Sports

Nutrition Ride cycle leg for the open competitors before the flood of age group competitors hit the

road. All that shimmers and shines in triathlon was to be seen on the bike leg of the event and the

open competitors pushed their bikes hard around the 6.8 km circuit, enjoying the light breeze at

their back as they returned from the Eastern end of the course along Koombana Drive. There were

some handy times to go along with the flash machinery, some athletes posting 40km/hr + averages

for the distance, which included Transition 1 and Transition 2 times.

Guy Crawford, warming up for Busselton Ironman in 2 weeks time pulled back some time on the bike

to be the 1st athlete to return to transition, overtaking early leader James Lewin. At the pointy end

of the womens open field, Ash Bailie had surrendered her early lead by the smallest of margins to

Katrina Mercer as they moved through transition 2 together, while the long distance ability of Kate

Bevilaqua saw her lurking in 3rd place, only 15 seconds behind and ready to pounce.

The Athletes Foot run took in the scenic path around the inner Leschenault Inlet, with Guy Crawford

setting the pace early. Guy was only to be seen in the distance as Ben Lyons & James Lewin exited

transition some 40 seconds behind, but the youngsters had the Kiwi in their sights. It was going to

be anyone’s race in the open women’s field as the top 3 hit the footpath within a minute of each

other. Would Ash “The Flash” Bailie win on debut against her more seasoned rivals?

Having to complete 2 laps of the run course would see the athletes come past transition and allow

the large crowd of onlookers to see how they were travelling. Lewin had put in some hard yards to

catch Crawford as they passed transition together for the final lap. Ash Bailie had run off Katrina

Mercer, but looked uncomfortable, while the long distance legs of Kate Bevilaqua were proving their

worth as she had now taken the lead. Ash Bailie fought hard on the final lap but was finding the

increased distance of the Olympic discipline to be a race that could not be run at Sprint Distance

speed throughout, and she could not hold out Katrina Mercer who eventually took second behind

Kate Bevilaqua. Ash Bailie took 3rd place in the open women’s in her debut race.

The younger legs of Lewin were too good on the day and James crossed the line 1st in 1:54.37 ahead

of Guy Crawford and Nick Murray. The strength of the field was shown on the results table with 5

athletes in the open men’s division posting times under the 2 hour psychological barrier. Four of

those times would have won them the event in 2007.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

bout bloody time

Hey hey take it easy!!!

Ok so i'm a SH@T blogger, but thats about to change.

I'm back on the gold coast Australia... just been in the pain cave for the last few weeks. It's getting pretty dark in here, I lost my flash light and can't find my way out....
Don't worry people i have bat like sonar senses so i'll find my way out to the light!!

I am actually flying to Western Australia today and i'll post up some rad photo's over the next few weeks of my antic's...
Stink buzz is i dont have a camera... plus side is, i will have one to use..... awesome!!! ( light at the end of the tunnel )

I'm racing an Olympic distance race this weekend.. Bunbury Tri... i have a cold ... so hopefully i wont cough up any lung butter!!

Does that bring you up to date Simon?

time line below ( but with no times or dates )

Kona - Vegas ( got very drunk ) honolulu, Australia ( gold coast ) , 1 month of surviving the hurt locker, ( brings my time frame to today)

future... western australia till dec 12th, then somewhere untill early Jan.. then two races in NZ...( early Jan) boom!!!

Guy, Artee, Beaker ...... ( i'm getting lot of nic names )

PS: if there are loads of spelling mistakes... just forgive me!!! i have to go and catch a plane.... that and i can't spell at the best of times.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010


So i had the great pleasure of going o Luke and Amanda McKenzies post wedding celebrations in Las Vegas.
needless to say it was EPIC and i had the time of my life.....

I have never been so tired and i have never had as much fun... it was a crazy weekend with loads of shenanigans

yes yes

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I want ... no wait .. NEED .. to live here... it suits my personality..

Friday, October 1, 2010

70.3 Augusta

This past weekend, I was in Augusta for my last US race of the season, I was hoping for big things..

The days leading into the race were hot and I was more than a little worried I would have a melt down.
Being a Kiwi boy… I like it cold… or more I’m use to it being cold…

So when race morning rolled around I was probably the only person that was happy it was raining. I thought this would only help me.

It was a quick stop in transition to sort out my race nutrition and then off to the swim start via a school bus. I had forgotten how small the seats are in school buses. 6”3 of man in a Childs seat = a bad time..

The swim was a point to point with the current and while I didn’t have a great swim it was easy enough to stay near the front of the main bunch.
Out onto the bike and 4 guys had a gap on us of about 45sec and it stayed that way until near the end of the bike when we managed to pull two of them in…( t Andrew Yoder and Marko Albert stayed off the front)
At this point I was more than a little worried, as my legs felt bad…
I would have been in a lot more trouble if it wasn’t for my awesome Rolf Prima wheel set, they practically did the work for me. Thanks for keeping me at the front on a rough day team.

A good friend of my says “ bike legs aren’t run legs” so I still had high hopes.
Out of T2 I decided to run solid, ( but not like a crazy man running a 3k ).. as that didn’t play out to well for me last time. The plan was to try and even split the run and come home strong…. However at about 1 mile I thought my chest was going to explode.. I was hurting bad and watching the top places run away from me.

I kept a little chime going in my head “ you feel good , you feel strong “ for the majority of the run. It was the only thing that kept me going, I think my body was rejecting my mind though because I ran a 1:23 and it hurt like I was sprinting the entire time…

At the end of the day I was stoked I hung tough and finished leaving everything I had out of the course.. I couldn’t have gone any harder.. I just simply didn’t have it today….
But I’m hoping that will make me a stronger athlete in the future..

I managed to keep my top 10 finish alive with a 10th place finish in 3:57:27 in another tough field.

I’m looking forward to doing some run training over the next month or two and hitting a late 70.3 or two.

Thanks again to all of you who support me… you keep me clothed, rolling , feed, hydrated , buoyant and all round awesome… so thank you very much

Special thanks to the team from Jacksonville for making me laugh, when I thought all the laughter had left my body.. smiles help ease the pain.. ha

Steve and the team at blueseventy. Thanks for rushing me a suit

Rolf Prima, nuun, K-Swiss blueseventy = you are always awesome

Friday, September 24, 2010

Epic Knoxville

Great place to train, Great people and Great resources.. The Knox..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

that crazy LA fog

This is the crazy LA sea fog that comes in from the ocean...... birds eye view is kind of crazy!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Training In Bend

Just Arrived in Bend Oregon and this place is amazing..

I've been training with Luke Mckenzie, Amanda balding and Matt Lieto here .
it's been great to be shown the bike and run routes and get given important coffee shop advice from the local ( Lieto )

This morning we rode up Mount Bachelor , followed by a run around the river near town ( yes that river is near town )

The next 5 days should be totally awesome!!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lake Stevens 70.3 and the USA

The USA and Lake Steven’s 70.3

Well well… hello from the USA

I turned up to the US on the 5th of August and spent some time with the super wicked team at K-Swiss .

Thanks for putting up with me Mr Harper, Ivette and captain EV

From K-Swiss head quarters in LA it was off to Seattle and the blueseventy head quarters. where I met up with John and some of the team …
I always love coming back to Seattle , I’ve spent most of my time while in the US here and it feels like a home away from home.

John and the team at blueseventy were kind enough to kit us out in some of the latest swim gear and also provide us with swimskins for the race… as rumor had it the water temperature was above 70 degrees and we wouldn’t be using wetsuits.

So on to the race

Lining up I knew I had a solid block of training under me and I knew I had a good race in me. How-ever I hadn’t raced since early may so I wasn’t sure how the body would cope with race PAIN…..The biggest obstacle would be my mind….The field was stacked , having multiple IM and 70.3 champions on the start line…. So I tried to not worry about them and just focus on my race…… which is easy to say… not so easy to do…

Onto the RACE..
The swim was great , I had a good start and settled into a good rhythm at the front end of the field.

A group of 6-8 of us came out of the water about 30 sec’s behind Brian Fleishman , but soon caught him on the bike. The bike was on and off, with Matt Lieto dictating much of the pace at the front.. Joe Gambles had an amazing ride to catch us half way through the second lap of the bike and that’s when things heated up and I started to climb into the hurt locker …..
Onto the run and the same group all came off the bike together. I had a quick transition and was out onto the run feeling some-what average from the hard bike.. I never really felt great running and lost a few places to the runners of the sport . Even though I was in struggle street for a good potion of the run , I managed to hold it together and finish in 8th place which I am happy with.

The support out there was amazing…Thanks for all the messages and a big thanks to my amazing sponsors who put a roof over my head and gave me the best products on the market… you guys and girls are gold…. Hopefully over the next few months the results will get better.

I think my legs are about to cramp in that last picture.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Trip to the USA y'all


Im back on USA soil... it's been a great week so far ,
I've just landed in Seattle and spent the day catching up with friends and chilling out.

The first 5 days were spent with the read team at K-swiss head quarters... Thanks Ben, Erik and Ivette for putting up with me .. you guys are awesome!!!

I am off to a race this Sunday "Lake Stevens 70.3" so fingers crossed that goes well.. I'll be sure to post soon after the race and let you know if i blew or rocked it .. lol


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Froggies body Surf

This place is amazing. I would recommend it to any one.
Here are a few pic's from todays body bash session. i got smashed on that first wave . Landed on my back in about a foot of water....But the local body boarders thought it was pretty good. These kids have no fear....
At high tide this wave breaks into / onto rocks....... But at low tide it's awesome if you fancy getting a few barrels and eating sand....

Check out the people in the back ground of that first photo..When the waves get big here , loads of people stand along the rocks and watch the surfers rip it up...... and occasional laugh at the body surfer getting nailed...

As i get better with my water camera , i'll put some video footage up.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

My mate Jarred has issues

Below is the update from Jarred on his wee facial accident....

" So yeah i woke up this morning ..... There was some blood on the pillow and i could feel it running don my face. I had a vague recollection of falling from my top bunk. Obviously i rolled over and went back to sleep for a few hours . The i woke up and touched my face and felt a gash and thought oh dear, then i found the second gash and thought thats not good. So then i got my camera and took a photo so i could see what was going on.... and this is what i saw.....

40 stitches in my forehead and 20 in my chin.... $900 at the hospital...... falling out of bed was a bad choice...

But i thought i would send this to perk you up man... I know howyou love to see me destroy myself.. I did it good this time....This new chin scar is going to put the old one to shame...The one on my forehead was deep man, to the bone. Almost made a few people yak at my hostal.. good times. Im pretty sure it's just from my face slamming into the floor too.. Didn't hit anything on the way down.

Ohh yeah i had had a few drinks the evening before... So my reflexes may have been hampered...next time i think i might put my hand out to break my fall... instead of using my face as a cushion... but then i would have these awesome scars on my face.....
"Hi my names Jarred and i have a drinking problem" I'm looking forward to getting smashed tonight to take my mind off it...

That was from Jarred..... Hey Jarred maybe the bottom bunk is a good choice or better yet a mattress of the floor? but hey you do what you want....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Training Bible Interview

Guy Crawford: “We are seeing a new level of swimmers”


Guy Crawford (NZ) recently finished 6th overall at the IM 70.3 in Busselton, Australia with an overall time of 3.57.5. A wonderful result considering his running preparation had been slowed down due to a foot injury earlier in the year. Promising result for the rest of his season.

Merlendurance caught up with him for a brief chat. You can follow Guy on his blog at: http://guycrawfords.blogspot.com/

1-Can you tell us precisely your role with blueseventy?

Over the last 6 years I have been the sponsorship manager for Blueseventy, which involves Events ,Athletes and finally Sales…

As of recently I have taken a step back from my full time role as sponsorship manager and now only work Part time as Athlete Liaison and random task master… it’s an Awesome gig, for a cool company….( Plenty of time to train now to and i just got my pro license…. so i need the time….lol)

2-How important is it for you to still compete while being with your company?

It’s been very important to me and a lot of us at blueseventy…. Although sometimes you can’t get the training volume in due to travel, events or busy schedules … We generally get together for a lunchtime run too.. which is always a good time to catch up with the boss and discuss where we’re at with things…

3-Why do you think blueseventy differs from other products on such a competitive market?

Because we are swimmers/triathletes that design products based on “you the athletes feedback.” We make our suits to feel / fit great and to be the fastest, using only the best materials. We are a company that genuinely cares about the athlete…

4-How do you rate the swimming level of athletes, pro and age groupers?

When they are in a blueseventy wetsuit, they are fast! ahahaha.
Ok , Well the level ranges , they say ” the race can’t be won in the swim, but it can be lost.” I think what we are seeing now is a new level of swimmer Pro and age groupers alike.
We have guys and girls that use to be professional Open-water / Pool swimmers turning to triathlon and the rest of the pro fields have really had to lift their game .
I think the days of seeing a cyclist win are nearly numbered.. You don’t see the likes of Crowie coming from behind to win , he always makes sure he’s in the lead pack.
In age group races, You’ll notice a huge range of abilities…The very best, through to the first timer trying to make the 2:20 Cut off for Ironman…

5-What are some of the key sessions you would advise people to do to get better?

This is very personal , Some people need distance , some need shorter harder stuff. But i can tell you what helps me feel good in the water .
I find i need to keep the consistency and milage relatively high in order to swim well.
Below is a session i try to knock out very week or so..( depending on your ability level you can change the times around ) Basically the 100′s get faster,The rest stays on the 1:30 cycle or what-ever cycle is comfortable for you..( not to comfortable )
Swim Session
500 swim on 1:30 cycle, 5×100 on 1:30, 10 x 50 on 00:45
400 swim on 1:30 cycle, 4×100 on 1:25, 8x 50 on 00:45
300 swim on 1:30 cycle, 3×100 on 1:20, 6x 50 on 00:45
200 swim on 1:30 cycle, 2x 100 on 1:15, 4x 50 on 00:45( that hurts)
100 swim on 1:30 cycle, 1x 100 on 1:10, 2 x 50 on 00:45 ( that hurts even more)

As for biking and running advise… Keep it consistent and you’ll see improvements….

6-What should we expect soon from blueseventy?

Well as most of you probably already know we have lauched our Tri Range ( which according to many triathletes couldn’t come fast enough) Sorry for the delay people… we’re perfectionist…
Carbon Fibre goggles….( these are more than awesome ) New Nero TX swim wear for pool races. ( in addiction we’ve lauched 5 new wetsuits)
Later in the year you’ll also see some new stuff ( Totally awesome new stuff) , but if i tell you now there will be no surprise and my CEO will kill me…( win win for every-one)

happy swimming,
Guy “you should by a Helix” Crawford

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Afternoon Sea Swim

Off for an Arvo Sea swim with Matt and Taylor.

Not sure what Taylors doing with his hands... I told him no gang signs....
Matt is ... um yeah
Me.... Thats my warm up stretch/ position..


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The fastest TT Bike out

Down stairs in the Garage is where i play with my bike position .
I think i almost have the perfect position..
It might not be to areo , but i think i can really put out the power... i can hold 60KPH on that bad boy... for approx 130km...


Monday, May 24, 2010

Rad little dogs

These guys are cool,
Bought these dogs into the cafe and i want one .. no i want both... they are awesome..

Jac can we have a puppy?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Home

This is where i spend way to much time.
Trent hooks me up with bad ass coffee's every day... I'm wired as at the moment , So i'm forcing myself to stop typing , Because it will just be babble , and every-one will be dumber for reading it.... Ok i'm stopping now...
I lie , I had to add another Picture.. it's my new Scooter... It's AWESOME!!! Goes at the speed of sound.. Maybe even a bit quicker.... ( ok it goes 60kph)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ben Harper destroyers

They may look like under-fed chicken legs .. But they are actually Ben Harper destroyers.
Impending doom Harper.... impending Doom!!!

have a nice day

Monday, May 3, 2010

Busselton Half ironman

Hi All

Well im back from my first pro race of the season.
The Busselton Half IM in Western Australia, ( Now Australia's biggest Half )

With Reigning Champion Luke Mckenzie and a list of IM /70.3 champions attending it was always going to be a tough day .
How-ever i'm happy to report that my first outing went much to plan. while i would've loved to be on the podium , I'll take the result as a step in the right direction and i'm happy with my performance.

My Swim/ Bike went mostly to plan, keeping near the front and coming off the bike in the lead pack.. I Exited T2 in 3rd place and found my rhythm quickly .
I stuck to the race plan which was to run 3:45-350 k's for the duration of the run. With very little run mileage pre race I was stoked with how it went... I can only get faster as my run milage increases over the next few months.

My finish time was 3:57:24 and 6th place overall
I know i can mix it up with some of the top guys in the sport and i have drawn alot of confidence from racing at this level.

Thanks to you all for the support over the last few months.
Next up is a 4 week training block on the Gold Coast, before heading off to the US for some mid season 70.3's and all important catch up's with the awesome teams at blueseventy, K-Swiss, Rolf Prima and nuun. ( thanks for all the support, without you guys i'd be naked and not going so fast)

1. Luke McKenzie (AUS) 3:47:16 
2. Tim Reed (AUS) 3:51:57 
3. Tim Berkel (AUS) 3:51:59 
4. Courtney Ogden (AUS) 3:55:35 
5. Mitchell Robins (AUS) 3:56:51 
6. Guy Crawford (NZL) 3:57:24 
7. Paul Matthews (AUS) 4:11:27 
8. Finnbar Ingram (AUS) 4:12:25 
9. Johan Borg (AUS) 4:14:20 * AG M18-24 
10. Troy Drinan (AUS) 4:14:25

Monday, April 26, 2010


I just scootered 5 hours on a 50CC scooter..... Took a LONG time....

We left Luke and Amanda's today and went to pick up my new motor pacing / coffee running machine.... ( pictures will come soon )
Unfortunately it was a 5 hour ride back to our home on the gold coast...... that = PAIN...

More to come on my scooter adventures......exciting.....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

awesome weekend

Sending the weekend training and hanging out with Jac & Luke Mckenzie, Amanda Balding... 
Awesome Sunday.........early run in the national park,..... sunny... fishing..... and bbq and beers..... 

Even managed to find time to throw in a body surf.... awesome

Amanda ....flip...flip...FLIP

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Goldy, the new in things

Was out for a ride... This is how i ride.. Tri kit and all.. It's getting trendy you will see.... All the pros will be walking around in Kona in there speedos this year.. Flesh colored speedo's at that..The new in thing..... yes yes

The other pic is of the sun setting.. View up to surfers paradise from Coolangatta. ( my hoo

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rolf Prima..... are awesome

I love my wheels... Seriously i think i have a problem... Ok another problem..

but they are totally awesome , An awesome ride, with low spoke count ( ie: faster that a ferret on crack) , check them out at http://www.rolfprima.com/

The company is run by one rad dude ( Brian), which along with a fantastic product = one freaking awesome company..

Sorry about my pose in that photo... I'm practicing to become a male model.... no job offers yet.....i'll let you know...


Gosh Skipping is PAIN..... I was out to impress and instead all i did was encourage shin splits..
I was at it for a few minutes and after that i was like NAH... this is too hard...

I can still do a double under though..... Actually i think i made 10 in a row... So i was stoked and my heart was at like 180 bpm.... i'm soft...
I look like i'm about 300 years old in that photo.... Yoda would be proud...

This is BEN the Ibis

Friday, March 19, 2010

Suffering with the guys

A few of my mates are doing the Mooloolaba Tri coming up and i've been jumping in on a few of there hard sessions..... ( Lots of max effort stuff) That i haven't been doing.... too much of lately..

The one below was a swim, bike, run x 3.... there was alot of OUCH out there. Matt Lance is an ex 16min 1500m swimming , so he puts the hurt on early and Dwain is an all rounder.. His motto is " If i don't spew or cry during a hard session i haven't gone hard enough" He'll keep you honest all day, every day...

A few pic's from our day below.....A super fun session to do with your mates

The Swim Exit

The Bike, Under the careful watch of coach Pete.... No slacking or you get the cane

The Run and then the finish, Happy to be done , But it's time to go again.... The hunt for your goggles is on.

blueseventy Advert pic

After having the fastest swim at one of New Zealands Hardest Halfs, ( Rotorua ), blueseventy started to use the bottom shot of me exiting the water, It helped being one of the only people on the planet with a 2010 Helix at the time. But i'll take it....

Friday, February 19, 2010

I got a new blog

Ohh yeah, i got a new blog and i got no friends... awesome......yes yes

Maybe i'll put some content up here and then try and find some friends , that way i won't look like so much of a looser....nice one