Friday, December 30, 2011

Interview with "First Time Ironman "


1) What brought you to the sport of triathlon?
Actually my friends at school and I entered a team triathlon and I barely made it through the swim section or 500m and got owned by every-one and it hit a competitive nerve in me... Since then I have been doing tri's for fun and competitively.

2) What thoughts and influences contribute to making the decision to go Pro? Was this a difficult decision to make?
Funny you ask I just ran a seminar on this the other week.
•Choosing the right time
•Getting a results database
•Age group/ pro racing are very different
•Be smart, keep working, Patience. you can still work and race, you don't have to drop everything
•Start planning now.
•The plan to go bankrupt slowly isn’t a good one. ie: saving up to turning pro isn't going to pay the bills
•Other things to consider: Sponsors, cash flow, travel

3) On average, what does your training week involve?
Depending on the time of year, but at the moment 20k of swimming 450k riding and 60-70k of running.
I built back into this over a 3 week period.

4) What is your favorite training session for each discipline?
Swimming: Would be 30x100's on a short rest cycle.. I love sets based on 100's.. However i don't just do 100's...

Cycling: Depending on what the weathers doing. (yep i'm soft and don't like wet days)... Long ride in the hills.... But my favourite session is my river loop about 75km with about as many coffee shop stops.... Love the coffee...

Running: Trials and loops.... (I don’t like out and backs)

5) If we were to look in your fridge, what would we find?
Pasta from last night, yogurt, chocolate if it's hot and melting on the bench, Milk (low fat cause I watch my figure.. lol), beet-root, cheese, a meat of some sort for tonight’s dinner...and then there's all Kate's vege's and fruit and stuff.. Oh and you'll find sauces... I love sauces...we have like 10 half empty containers...(my bad).

6) Is there anything that you would prefer to eat the night before a race?
I always eat the same thing (unless I'm racing in Asia) Pasta, Chicken, Sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and Pesto.. throw it together and serve warm.. Job Done.

7) Do you have any tips for recovery?
Recovery pumps, getting in cold water after hard or long runs, Stretch, TP massage kits, and compression...
In the past I use to pass on recovery.... However in the long run your body will hate you.
Now I will do at least two things a day to keep my body running and in good condition.

8) What would be your best advice for someone starting out in the sport?
a) When the gun goes.... GO TO MAX.....haha
b) have fun....stay up-right on your bike and enjoy the triathlon bug.....
c) Enjoy the social side of the sport ..

9) What advice would you give an Age Grouper who is looking for sponsorship?
What can you do for this potential sponsor? There is likely some-one faster than you... find a difference. Stand out.

10) Do you have any tips on ways to stay injury free?
Recovery.. All the things I do in recovery directly relate to keeping me injury free.
Easy days are key.. you can't smash yourself every day. Train smart.

11) What is the most important piece of equipment to you and your success?
Kate... (not sure she'd like me calling her equipment) She keep my craziness under control...

12) And what don’t we know about you?
I love Honey Badgers... they are badass..
Theres more...but i think you all should check me and my blog out at
then follow me on twitter @blue70guy and you'll soon love me like another child.. ..Maybe

Friday, December 9, 2011

Busselton IM

Hey all

Well that was a tough tough tough and tough day at the office.. easily the hardest day i have had...
I wasn't in great shape leadinginto the race.. infact i had been struggling a fair bit since the Soma Half...

not that i am making excuses.. BUT i am making excuses.. love me for me

that said However IM is a long day and you never know whats going to happen.

Morning conditions looked pretty good. However the wind did start picking up and created a bit of chop on the water and bit of wind on the bike.

We were lucky enough to get introduced into the water with a song of our choosing...
I love music and have about 8 billion favorites.. so i chose a song i had recently listened to ..Billy Idol and "dancing with myself" a real crowd pleaser..

Anyway a quick kiss with Kate , then Boom the gun went off... i swam really comfortably and came out in 4th position, swimming with a good friend Dion Harrison
Good news for blueseventy , we had the first 4 men out of the water. Clayton fettel, Luke Mckenzie, Dion Harrison and then myself.

Onto the bike and the pace was steady/hard but not crazy... which i was quite happy about...
We keep it honest and with the new 12 metre rule if you didnt have the legs you would soon pop off the back..

I rode with the lead group until the 150k mark and then blew up... Not having enough miles in the legs really shows when you are riding with some of the best men in the world...I
came off the bike 2 mins down with Mitch Anderson..

now it was time to get on the run and let the suffering begin..
As soon as i started to run i knew there was going to be alot of pain.. however i hoped to have a few up and down patches ...
But there was only one patch and that patch was long and bad....

i still managed a few smiles

however as things progress and i feasted on a banquet of pain... the happy smile turned into tears...

I do like these photo's they resemble exactly the way i felt..... "wear my heart on my sleeve "

look at my pace.. FAST

All and all it was a rough day , but a good day to struggle through... If 9:10 is what i do at my worst.....I am very excited to see what i can do at my best.
Next up is IM NZ....

From here i will have a little break , then focus on some hard training and a few hit out races in Perth before heading home for Ironman New Zealand..

I'm excited to be part of such an awesome sport and stoked to know i can improve loads form here.

But for now it's time to have a beer and put up the christmas tree...

Thanks every-one. Happy training or off season..