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GK Newsletter March

Mega March Madness 
It's all getting crazy!! The Northern Hemisphere is coming out of winter and kicking off. We have had the Rottnest Channel Swim, IMNZ, multiple 70.3's and many many other events round the world.

Today's Newsletter covers. 
Coached sessions
Sex and Endurance Sport
Tips N Tricks
GK Images
Gear thats caught our Attention (Hydration this week)
Getting to know you with Stuart Klein


There is SOOOO Much information out there on Positive thought!!

Some believe it's a bunch of nonsense,  and some believe it's a way of life and you need to run naked through sunflower fields to reach the optimal positive light!!

I choose a life in-between "The Grouch" and "Super Hippy Man"
So why this post: The motivation naturally stemmed from triathlon and in particular post race comments.

What I have noticed is a lot of us are guilty of having fantastic races but focusing on the negative aspect of those races. "Yeah I PB'd... BUT I should have swum better, I should have ridden harder, I ran terribly etc etc"
Instead of looking at the positive aspects of each race we dwell on the bad.
Sure it's good to reflect on what you can do better. But give yourself a pat on the back, buy yourself a beer, or reward yourself for all those training sessions even if things didn't go exactly to plan (or if you left your legs in bed on race day).

I don't know whether googling "Positivity" helped me much at all either, so I'll speak from my day to day perspective. I feel better when try to maintain a positive perspective, and I truly believe that most of the time I'm a glass half full type of person. I do have my moments - every one loves a good moan or b$tch now and again. I also think that can be therapeutic!! 

So how does Guy approach his life. 
Well most of you know me pretty well. I keep things light hearted. I try not to stress to much,  and I don't try and control the uncontrollable. Simply put,  I choose to look at most things positively. 

Most high end sports people (and sometimes people in general )  will use a sports psychologist for this. I haven't been to one before as I don't seem to apply pressure to myself like others do and I'm not sure exactly why. Races tend to bring out the best in me athletically. (Not all the time, but most)
Kate has been to a few sports psych's  over the years and they have helped her cope with race days and meeting her potential. 

I believe one of the reason's I tend to race to my ability is my hippy like view of the world. I leave the stresses behind and focus on one thing. I guess there are benefits to my goldfish like mind!!

When I'm positive, I train better / I race better 
When I'm positive, I like people more
When I'm positive, I work better
When I'm positive, I'm happier
When I'm positive, I sleep better
When I'm positive, my mind isn't restless
When I'm positive, I stress less
When I'm positive, I'm a nicer person
When I'm positive, I can absorb negativity and as long as I'm not stuck in an elevator with a highly negative person for days on end, I can come out the other side sunny.

Being Negative is often easier than being positive!! Everything we watch and everything we find entertaining has generally got a negative spin on it. (Just watch the news)

So to be positive for every second of every day is near on impossible. But I challenge you to think more about it and see if your day is better or worse because of it. 

It's not easy, but neither is triathlon and you choose to do that!!


This was an interesting article by friend and professional triathlete Tim Reed. 

Tim talks about Sex and Endurance sport. Yes it effects both men and women!! Don't worry though things could be worse.... you could have married some-one that does Ultra-man's. Arghhh!!

Here is the
 Link to Tim's pondering on
Sex Drive Guided training!
Below is a link to 21 tips from past and present world class triathletes.

It's an interesting read,  and while some of it might not be relevant to you, I'm sure one or two tips will be!!


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Hydration is often an issue for us over the summer months and when racing in any conditions.
being hydrated is key to performance.

Has a variety of supplements depending on your sweat rat/ sodium loss. This will help you cope with your hydration needs during events and training.

If interested we have a discount code for 15% off all orders

I use the 1500mg tablet and simply put one in each of my water bottles. (EASY)


10 Quick Questions with Stuart Klein

How did you first get involved in Triathlon?
I was brought up in South Africa so could swim from a young age and then got into running and marathons when I was about 20. Triathlon came much later when I relocated to Singapore in 2006 (by which time I was not quite 20 anymore..). Stumbled across a biking community and then a tri group. Bought myself an entry level Specialized aluminium bike and half terrified ventured out onto the roads of Singapore. Haven’t  looked back since.
What are your goals for the coming year?

This is a bit of an unusual year as its coming on the back of a ‘big” couple of years of setting myself the goal of qualifying for 70.3 Worlds ( in my home country of South Africa) and backed that up with Ironman Malaysia which was my first full in 5 years. So this year is more about having fun and mixing it up. I am doing a bunch of local short distance races, 2 x 70.3s ( Vietnam & Bintan) and Oceanman Krabi, a 10km open water swim. My goal would be to try qualify for 70.3 Worlds in Taupo in 2020 at Bintan or another race later in the year and complete the Krabi swim. And along the way just enjoy this great sport & find new formats and events that excite me ( An ultra trail run somewhere wild and remote for example

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at a Triathlon, running, swimming or cycling event?

It doesn’t usually take a lot of effort on my part to embarrass myself but oddly I appear to have largely avoided that in sport. Getting 2km in IM NZ run and realising I still had my bike gloves on and small bike pump in my the back pocket of my tri suit. Actually thinking about it I remember doing IMNZ in an all white kit that had been bought as a gift for me. In wet conditions, all white is not all right. Good that the race belt and number can be strategically positioned to avoid offending fellow athletes or competitors. Never again. Black is the new black and always will be.

What is your favourite movie?

Impossible to choose one so here goes a few..
Apocalypse Now, The Deer Hunter, Pulp Fiction & One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest all spring to mind or when I was much younger I remember being awed by Star Wars, King Kong, Jaws and Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.

Where is your favourite place to relax?

As Guy will attest, I generally don’t do sitting still very well and relaxing is hard. But when relaxing, it’s probably just chilling at home doing very little, reading, watching TV etc. I love the programs that feature people living off grid or surviving off the land. I somehow imagine myself living this idyllic off grid life on some remote island somewhere. I recently took up the Electric guitar which I tend to play around with (very badly but with maximum distortion. My guitar teacher is a 26 year old who only plays heavy metal so learning the guitar is proving to be a lot of fun albeit my cat is decidedly unimpressed.

What is your best characteristic?

I like to see myself as a generally kind and chilled person. I know how lucky I am to lead the life I have so try remember that not all are as fortunate as me. Being kind to others, helping those that don’t have the same advantages in life mean a lot to me. I have a son with special needs which is a constant reminder that we all have our own challenges. Be understanding of everyone, never judge a book by its cover. You simply can’t know what others are going through. As I get older i want to be the best version of myself and be true to myself, going vegan recently was a big deal to me as example and allows me to be closer to my ideal of treating animals as I would people with kindness and respect.

What is your worst habit?

I used to be very impatient and hated that in myself. I still have my moments but try to let stuff just go now. You would otherwise need to ask that question of my wife. She would probably say I am an idiot who changes how I eat every two weeks, doesn’t spend enough time with his family, cant quite recall what school year his children are in,  falls asleep in the company of guests or friends, should wear more clothes around the condo amongst many failings.

What is your favourite "go to" post race/event meal?

Used to be battered fish and chips or a big pizza and chips ( with a small side salad) and a couple of beers. Having gone vegan, the fish and pizza ( as a pizza without cheese is not a pizza!)  is no longer an option. So chips it is and a slightly larger salad. Either that or wellness bowl of quinoa, grilled vegetables with a sprinkling of omega 3 oils and nuts and seeds.. Just kidding. CHIP & BEERS!!

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

I am quite anxious the day before and morning of a A race is a rubbish time for me. Don’t sleep well and ponder all that might go wrong. So pre-race ritual is just trying to be mindfull ( such a naff word!), relax and play out in my time how amazing it is to be able to race in amazing locations doing what I love doing.

What are you most afraid of?

Other than my coach Guy ? 
From a triathlon perspective, I am a nervy cyclist. The discipline I enjoy least and a bad crash a few years ago still plays a little bit on my mind. Friends joke, it looks like I am preparing to get blown off my bike in the lightest of cross winds so quick am I to try sit up off the aero bars. In life more generally, and not wanting to sound pretentious, but as I get older I am afraid that I don’t get round to doing all the things I want to experience and spend the time with my family and parents that I aspire to. Time is so precious and it marches to a relentless beat.

Friday, July 26, 2019

GK Newsletter April

April Apples 
Once again, a lot has happened in the month since our last update.
Athletes have been training hard in the lead up to major events.
Busselton 70.3 is just around the corner and the energy levels are starting to rise in time for WA's premier event.
Ultraman Australia is coming up fast as well as the ITU Long Distance World Champs. GKEndurance athletes will also be competing in 70.3 Mallorca, Subic Bay, Vietnam 70.3, Junior Nationals and 113 OD Malaysia just to name a few!

Today's Newsletter covers. 
Knowing "THE WHY"
Coached Sessions
AIS Recap
Tips N Tricks: Featuring Peak Podiatry
Gear that caught our attention: Power Meters
Getting to know you: With Jessica King



Knowing the WHY, might seem a little vague to you?

But knowing WHY you get out of bed in the morning to go training is the key to consistency and improvement, mental and physical health.
So to start with, there is no right or wrong answer here. 

The WHY varies form person to person and is usually very personal to the individual. You might say "I don't know why" but if you really think about it, I'm sure there is a very real reason WHY you commit to exercising on a regular basis. 

So instead of outing one of our athletes, I'll answer this myself and hopefully it help you reflect on your own "WHY"

So WHY does Guy get out of bed in the morning. Most are you are thinking "because Kate makes him" And in a lot of cases that is true. Guy gets out of bed and goes training because Kate makes him. 
But on occasion that motivation is reversed and Guy's the one motivating Kate. 
But being forced to get out of bed is not Why I train / exercise regularly. 

Is it "Being the best I can be"? Yeah that probably has something to do with it. I'm interested and curious to see if I can go faster at 40 than I was at 20. But that's not the only driving force. 

If I really think about it my WHY is because 
-I like being good at something
-I like to socialise
-I'm addicted to exercising and would struggle to stop
-I love sport (our sport)
-I don't want to work in an office
-I want to set a good example for our GK crew
-I enjoy being healthy, mentally and physically
- I love having a job that revolves around sport, allows me to travel, be an extrovert, positivity impact people, and while I'm not a wealthy man, my life rewards are MASSIVE.

It's not an easy question to answer and I had to get honest with myself in order to answer that. Usually there isn't just one reason.
Is there a goal you are training for and want to achieve?
Maybe you want to set a good example for your kids? Maybe it's because you are crazy competitive and you've been kicked out of all team sports? Maybe you are recovering from a major health scare or an ex smoker and need to make sure you never go down that path again?
Maybe it was a weight issue or a confidence issue?

But whatever your reason WHY , it's your reason and it doesn't matter if someone is training for another reason, they aren't you. 

Understanding yourself and your reasons is just as important as the swim/bike/run  so you can wake up each morning and be "pumped" for what the day will bring! 


Australian Institute of Sport

In case you missed it we recently spent 10 days at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) for a Triathlon Performance Coaching Course.  

The course covered a variety of coaching methodology and most days were 6.30am-6.30pm.
This was a combination of classroom based lectures and practical engagement. 

To sum up what we learnt would be extremely difficult. 
But we will say that in the near future we may be incorporating some new ideas and strategies to help improve not only your fitness but your strength in each discipline and that doesn't mean we will make you hit the gym. (I guess you'll just have to wait and see, for a lot of you this will be post Busselton)

We were lucky to have Darren Smith as our mentor coach. Darren coached the 2nd and 4th place finishers at the London Olympic's. His CV is extremely long and his knowledge is vast. Darren has degree's in things I didn't even know existed. 
He is very driven and a little confrontational.
He pushed us to learn and be better than we were before. He never gave us the answer, it was always guided discovery.  We were challenged daily and asked to explain why we would coach that way and then given different ideas or shown alternative ways in which to achieve better (or different) results. 

So if your coaches seem a little brain dead cut them a little slack. They were challenged on everything you can imagine regarding coaching and training philosophies. 
The last day it was emphasised that there is no right or wrong answer....there are many ways to get the same results. One way might work well for one athlete but not another. So our aim as your coaches is to increase our repertoire in order to help prepare you to achieve your individual goals. 

We will come out the other side more knowledgeable and better coaches for it.

Thanks for the patience over the last few weeks while we were MIA. 
We don't know, what we don't know.

Peak Podiatry

Lets look back in time for a second. Why have I been injured so much over my history as an athlete?

So as a kid I raced draft legal triathlon and had shin splints. This was  probably due to the fact I was growing. I was then put in orthotics to stop me over pronating. (rolling inwards). Years went past and I stopped using those orthotics and found I didn't get injured. But then eventually the bones in my feet started to stress and sadly a small bone fractured in Decemeber. Which I now look back on as a good thing.

I started working with the good people at Peak Podiatry. It turns out I don't over pronate AT ALL. I supernate. (roll outwards) so my first set of orthotics were causing me more grief than good :(  It took a world class podiatrist in Darryn Sargent to assess what was going on (pretty easy for him to diagnose though) Darryn has taken me from NO running to 20KM to 30km to 40km running weeks and

So the short of this is, not everyone needs orthotics but if you are having constant issues with your feet, shins or legs then go and see Darryn, he truly is the top of his profession and will direct you as needed. (that doesn't mean Orthotics in every case, as it's not about the $$ it's about athlete health) I wish I met him earlier in my career.

Don't forget to send Guy your photo's, he wants to feature you on the GK Instagram page

When I started Triathlon some 23 years ago, the PowerTap hub set the standard for affordable (it wasn't really) and reliable power meters. Unfortunately Saris, the parent company to PowerTap, is not a hub manufacturer, and did not stay up with the rapidly changing times in the hub industry (various hub standards, disc brakes, thru axles, etc). SRAM recently purchased PowerTapand will add PowerTap's hub, chainring, and pedal based power meters to their existing Quarq power meter lineup.

The power meter market is fascinating place. What used to cost $2000 USD + can now be purchased for $450USD 

A few of my favourites (I'm bias to the Stages Power meter as I use one) Hit me up with any questions

4iii (These come pretty cheap)




10 Quick Questions with Jessica King

How did you first get involved in Triathlon?

I had a bet with a friend who does IM, he said if I didn’t do an IM I would have to buy him an expensive bike

What are your goals for the coming year?

To finish The full IM in December in one piece

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at a Triathlon, running, swimming or cycling event?

Getting an upset stomach at KVT, not quite embarrassing but it was quite funny.
What is your favourite movie?

Shaw Shank Redemption

Where is your favourite place to relax?

At home on the couch, with a book

What is your best characteristic?

Never taking life too seriously

What is your worst habit?

Forgetting something (even after I make a list)

What is your favourite "go to" post race/event meal?

Any liquid meals, I can never stomach anything else

Do you have any pre-race rituals?


What are you most afraid of?

Not being able to finish a race

Popular Social Post
I've feared this on every wet group ride!