Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014 Weapon

So I recently started riding the 2014 Ceepo Viper.

I loved the Katana and it served me well last year and earlier this year! Especially at Ironman New Zealand.
Usually It takes me a few months to break in a new bike, This bike took me about 3 rides! After 4 rides I went and raced a 70.3 on it. (70.3 Busselton)
I had a great run off the bike and now I can't stop raving about it!

Here's a review Ceepo did on me and my bike. (It also includes some of my other awesome Sponsors)
Check them all out here: http://www.guycrawford.us/media.php

I'm excited to see how the body performs this weekend at 70.3 Boise!

Until next time, stay Awesome!


Monday, May 5, 2014

70.3 Busselton

The picture below sums up how I feel about 70.3 Busselton given my preparation was VERY average!

Leading into the race I had the most fun I've ever had, I was very relaxed and happy to be apart of the pre race festivities, Chat with the pro's and School visits!

I even had the great honor of being on the Busselton Billboard this year! EPIC (That thing is BIG)

Onto the race, again I was very relaxed heading into the water for a quick warm up!
With all the ITU boys coming across to 70.3 racing the swims are getting faster and faster. If you can take the knocks and get in the middle of it, you'll swim fast, but if you get dropped it's a lonely swim. I stayed right in the thick of it and exited near the front.
Onto the bike and a group of 9 of us came together. The pace was honest with James Hodge driving the speed up front for a good portion of the ride.
We jostled around a bit, but remained together for the 90k ride.
Then onto the run, there was the usual T2 nightmare of 9 guys trying to get off the bike first, once we were laced up and running I left transition in about 6th place. I really had nothing to lose, the race pays 6 deep and I thought "just run the first lap really hard"... Then after one lap I could "go lie in the sand" if things got really bad!!
But despite the lack of running I felt good. The legs keep ticking over and I just pretended nothing hurt.
The legs threatened cramp, but held together and I crossed the line in 6th Place. A very happy 6th place!

Sometimes, all you need to do is dig deep and turn your brain off!

I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed racing the guys and being part of the Busselton festivities.
I'm already super excited about 70.3 Boise and getting a few more runs under my belt.
My legs are rebelling against me at the moment

Van Berkel, Tim AUS 1 03:43:07
Reithmeir, Alex AUS 2 03:43:29
Appleton, Sam AUS 3 03:43:39
Betten, Sam AUS 4 03:48:24
Munro, Casey AUS 5 03:49:51
Crawford, Guy NZL 6 03:50:32
Rodgers, Tom AUS 7 03:53:21
Johnsen, Jimmy AUS 8 03:57:43
Anderson, Mitch AUS 9 03:58:35
Burton, Matt AUS 10 03:59:42

USA here we come


Pic's curtesy of Janine Kaye Photography (Thanks Janine)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

IMNZ Race Report

My homeland Ironman.

Ironman NZ is one of those races I've been to almost every year since it moved to Taupo.
The event itself has such strong support and an electric vibe, It's a must do on the IM circuit.

This year drummed up perfect conditions. In fact the entire week leading into the race saw perfect weather conditions.

Race day rolled up and with the usual morning routine done and dusted we were into he water ready to roll.
The canon went and there was the usual chaos that follows as everyone burns there nervous energy in the first few hundred meters and then settles in.
The first 1km went by well I was in the lead group. Probably a little far back for comfort, but I thought it would be ok. Unfortunately someone dropped feet and despite my best effort I couldn't bridge the gap back to the leaders. (Won't be making that mistake again)

Out onto the bike and the gap to the front was 2min. I was in great company with Tim Berkel, Cam Brown and Rhodesy! Tim rode like a champ and we caught the leaders by 80km, which was awesome!

The dynamic then changed and it looked likely to be a runners race. Marko Albert then got a gap through an aid station and no one seemed willing to close it. This was going to be the winning move for a well deserved champion!

I had good legs on the bike and made a little move before the Reparoa turn around, I got out to about 45sec and then changed my mind. With 45km to ride I didn't want to burn all my matches on the bike. I made the hard decision and went back to the group! The old me would have "burned it all" however I think this saved me in the end.
We came into transition in a group of roughly 10 with Marko 6mins up the road.
The guys went out like scorched cats, being I've never run to my potential for an Ironman I settled into my own pace (although that was to quick)and started my run.

I felt good on the first lap and by the time I had finished the second lap I was still ok, I got news out on the course that I was sitting in 7th place... Then The hurt really started. "I thought, don't pass out, don't walk, don't cramp, just keep moving forward".
I made it to the finish shoot in one piece and gave my family a quick hug on my way down!! (Living and training in Australia and the USA means I don't get to see them much, So this race was extra special)
I was Excited to be finished, excited to execute and good race and excited that it's only March and my early season fitness is there.

Now it's time to rest up, do some light training and plan the next one.

Big thanks to Darryl Carey http://www.darrylcarey.com/ for the Pictures you see above!

Thanks to you all for the support, It's going to be a big season.
As always it couldn't be done without you!!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Infinit Nutrition, Hydration and sweat rate

hey team,

Infinit explain it perfectly in the video link below.
This is something I've struggled with in long course races and in some cases it's resulted in a death march during the marathon. Infinit helped me better understand my nutrition and hydration.
Something you might want to consider!!

From Infinit!!

Video #2 in our MUST KNOW series..how to do a sweat rate test to determine how much you should drink on an hourly basis. If you don't know your sweat rate, how can you possibly know how much to drink? Watch this video and start planning your race nutrition for 2014.

The Sweat Rate Test
Full description how to do a sweat rate test to determine how much athletes should be drinking on an hourly basis.

Remember 1KG = 2.2pounds



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ironman Western Australia

Hey Team,

Well IMWA is over for another year.
I'm sitting writing this from Margaret river in the south west of Australia. Soon I'll be off to enjoy a few wineries and a week or two of down time before it all starts again.

Onto the race at hand.

I had a great build up and was exited to race IMWA for the 3rd time.
It was a stacked line up with Andreas Raelert coming down to race and host of other Ironman winners and top 10 Kona finishers. Still I was excited to see where the fitness was at against some of the best.

Race morning dawned and the conditions looked great with perfectly calm waters and no Shark sightings (always a relief).
The race started with the usual madness and after a few hundred meters I founds clear water and was leading the swim, about 1000m in I was passed by luke and eventual winner Jeremy, I made a poor decision to choose my own line and the pair ended up pulling away from me.
I excited the water in 3rd with a small group of 4. I knew I was in good company with David Dellow and Andreas Raelert.

We set to work on the bike, the pace felt more like a 70.3 than an Ironman and judging by my watts it was! It was a quick first lap and before I knew it Andreas was gone (struggling with the same injury that put him out of kona) then Alex dropped off and it was just David and I left. Ideally we would have preferred to have Andreas and Alex in the group to share the work load. That left just David and I in 2nd and 3rd on the road. Towards the end of the bike the suffering had really began and a quick flying Matty Burton caught us just before T2.

In Transition we all took off practically together Matty White, Matt Burton, Myself and David Dellow. I knew I couldn't go out to quick so I tried to settled into my own rhythm and really focus on my own goal of a 3 hour marathon. Every thing was going great, I ran through 21k right on target and then BOOMMM I hit a dark spot, kind of light black ice on the road..I spent a good portion of the 3rd lap in the pain cave, but managed to pull myself out of it for the last 10km.
It was a weirdly satisfying to be able to pull myself out of a whole and get back into the race.
It can only mean I'm getting fitter and faster. (Maybe getting mentally tougher to)

I finished in 8th place with a 8:36:31 time.

Thanks again for all the support. I'm really looking forward to a big 2014 and hopefully racing In Kona next year!

Very happy to have you all along for the ride!


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Friday, November 8, 2013

70.3 Taiwan

Just days after returning from America, Kate and I flew our wary bodies off to 70.3 Taiwan.

Race morning we awoke to the sound of pouring rain and I knew there wasn't going to be a swim.
The surf and conditions made it to dangerous for most. I was of course gutted as with conditions like that and years of surf swimming under my belt, I knew I would have had a great swim.
I thought if we had a swim I might have a shot at the win. However it was time to change my mindset and get prepared for a duathlon.

I got off the bus to transition in my wetsuit because it was raining "cats and dogs"
Set my stuff up and got ready for the first run of the day. 3k up hill and then 3k back down. My quads won't recover for a few days. The good news I held on for the first run and came into T1 with a lead group of about 10 and then out onto the bike course I was happy to find I packed my biking legs. We had to take it very slow through some of the corners or I'd be picking gravel out of my arms for weeks.

I rode hard and hit T2 first with just Freddie Croneborg still attached. We had put some serious time into the chasers. Freddie ran past me early on and I was in the hurt locker, the humidity isn't something I'm use to racing in.
I locked in a steady pace and hit every aid station like I hadn't eaten or drank for a week.
The result: second place and a happy guy called Guy (see what I did there)
I'm super excited for Ironman WA in a months time, I'm in a physically and mentally good space!

Thanks for the support, Until my next episode.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Slowtwitch Article

Guy Crawford is about to head to Kona where he will be busy with various promotional activities, including but not limited to the Coffees of Hawaii boat blueseventy representation. We checked in with the man who is known as Captain Awesome.

Slowtwitch: Thank you for your time Guy.

Guy Crawford: Thank-you Herbert, anytime.

ST: Or should we call you Captain Awesome?

Guy: I think you should, off to Depol tomorrow to make it official.

ST: Who actually first used that nickname for you?

Guy: Arhhh things might get a little awkward now. Is it still cool if it was self-proclaimed? However Luke McKenzie may have helped instigate that one a few years back. I’ve had a few nicknames over the years but this one has stuck and I like it!!... I'm even lucky enough to have a Kit with my name on it. Thanks Wattie INK

ST: I guess it is about time to return to the Southern Hemisphere after a long summer in North America.

Guy: Yeah each year after Kona, Kate and I pack up and ship out. The weather here in Boise goes from really hot to really cold in like a day. Once it gets below 50 degrees we have to get out. We have definitely become soft after so many years of following the sun!

ST: So we will see you in Kona?

Guy: You certainly will. I will be on the Coffees of Hawaii boat every morning from 6:30am dishing out blueseventy goggles to those who can bring me sand up from the bottom. But please don’t blow out any ear drums. Also I will be working with blueseventy at the expo, we have everything you need to PR that swim. I’ll be doing a bit of work with my other sponsors during race week at the slowtwitch gathering. Always a very busy but fun week!

ST: When are you headed over there?

Guy: I arrive on Monday the 7th and will be floating around. Find me if you can.

ST: Looking back at 2013 it would appear that you would be content with your racing season.

Guy: It was definitely a good start to my season early on in Australia. I came to the US the fittest I’ve ever been and went well in some races early on, however I’ve had a bit of a rough patch lately with a few things going wrong. But the good news is there is always another race round the corner and I’m hoping the next few races are the start of my redemption.

ST: What was the highlight?

Guy: A few things, winning the Albany Half Ironman in Australia. Although that didn’t come without its controversy when Matty White got a DQ for littering. Then competing in the first Challenge Taiwan Full Iron distance race where I came 6th and backed it up a week later with 70.3 Busselton. Ouch.

ST: You also raced your first XTERRA race recently. How did that go?

Guy: It was awesome, but tough backing up so quickly after Lake Stevens 70.3! There were some points on the bike course where I felt like a drunk man trying to round up cats on a motor bike - out of control. I was probably riding 10% above my ability level at the time. The good news is my bike skills have come a long way since July and I’m looking forward to racing more XTERRAs.

ST: The race twitter handle has a somewhat unfortunate name if I recall correctly.

Guy: Ha, funny of you to point that out. @Xterralesbois I’ll leave it for the readers to work out. Don’t let that stop you from coming to do the race next year, it is great and the weather is always fantastic at that time of year!!

ST: Word has it that Boise is worth a trip either way.

Guy: Boise is amazing - it has a lot to offer for outdoor people. The single track mountain biking is amazing, the people are great, the bars are awesome and everything is well priced. It’s my 3rd year coming back here and there will be many more years to follow.

ST: I bumped into you this summer at a wedding in Winston-Salem, NC and you looked quite handsome and dapper in your tuxedo and that was true for Big Sexy McDonald too. Plus Kate Bevilaqua looked absolutely beautiful. Do you think there ought to be more dress-up occasions for Pro triathletes?

Guy: Absolutely I do! It was a lot of fun to get out of the swimming, biking and running gear and putting on a Tux. Our lives revolve around sweat and tears and sometimes it’s great to get out of the triathlon mold and roll a Tux. I think triathlon could do with a few more dress-up events. Just don’t be the guy or girl to show up in a t-shirt wearing compression socks because you won’t be allowed in.

ST: Would you be the bouncer to control that kind of crap or do you have any recommendations for triathletes who could fill that job?

Guy: Have you seen my arms? I couldn’t bounce anything. I think we might need to employ the guy or girl your most scared of in triathlon. This could be another slowtwitch article in itself. Who has the thickest skin? Who comes from a martial arts background? Or maybe we just put Bryan Rhodes out there. He’d get the job done for sure.

ST: Mixed martial art fighter Nick Diaz does triathlon too, and he could likely handle any unruly folks. But the person at the door needs to be mostly a person of good taste as most triathletes don't tend to be unruly.

Guy: Hmmm… ok, I’ve decided we just need to hire out. Out-sourcing is always the best option. No-one messes with a 300LB cage fighter.

ST: Your fellow wedding usher Chris McDonald stormed to a big win at Ironman Lake Tahoe. Was he inspired?

Guy: Chris has been on a great roll of late. It is inspiring for me to see a friend going so well. Was he inspired? Well I think he was happy! Happy for his friend John getting married and happy in himself. Happiness breeds success and his two Ironman wins lately have to be proof of that. Right Chris?

ST: Have you raced since that wedding?

Guy: As for me, I started Ironman Louisville, but due to a few mishaps along the way I had to pull out. I hadn’t put in the necessary work for an Ironman I also lost all my nutrition over a set of railways and then got a penalty for it. I had to laugh, sometimes it’s really not your day. Not to worry though, Kate came through for the win. So it ended up being a happy day.

ST: You have been with Kate Bevilaqua for quite some time now. How did you two meet?

Guy: Ha, well we first met when I was the sponsorship manager for blueseventy. But I don’t think that’s the real question here. So I’ll answer with ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ We thank Luke McKenzie and Amanda Balding for that one! It was obviously a great weekend and a few months later I had moved to Perth, Australia and now together we split our year between there and Boise, Idaho, 3 years and counting.

ST: Do you work out much together or do you do your own things?

Guy: We do probably about 50% of our training together or at the same time. We swim in the same squads and will run together 2-3 times a week. We balance it quite well, I have some great age group triathletes that I also train with and Kate has her Compi trainer that she’s addicted to. If we have Time Trials or some type of speed work, she starts in front of me and my goal is to catch her and hers not to be caught. We have fun with it, although we are both very competitive!!

ST: So what is next?

Guy: Next up is 70.3 Taiwan, 70.3 Mandurah and finally Ironman Western Australia in December.

ST: I meant with you and Kate.

Guy: Herbert, what are you doing to me? Maybe we’ll adopt another cat or rescue another animal. Or maybe I need to grow some and pop the question? Another one for the readers to answer!

ST: Anything else we should know?

Guy: I don’t like cooked pineapple, and we adopted a stray cat here in Boise and now she’s back to Perth Australia. She’s gone from homeless to extremely expensive.

ST: Does anyone like cooked pineapple?

Guy: I think there are those odd balls out there that like cooked pineapple or maybe they just like a Hawaiian pizza. Not me, I will pick all that cooked pineapple off, it freaks me out! I also have a list of other phobias but now’s not the time to get into them.