Friday, April 20, 2012

Koh Samui

Well Kate and i have had a busy few weeks. Last week we drove 6.5hours to Kalgoorlie where we raced the Goldfields Olympic distance. A great race put on by a great club.. A big thanks to Geoff and team for welcoming us and putting on a great race. After Kalgoorlie it was a quick ( not so quick ) trip home and then we packed and jumped on planes to Thailand. I've never been to Thailand before and the experience so far has been awesome. It's a busy busy place and the scooters are Crazy..I never knew you could fit 3 people about 100 litres of water, fruit and containers on one scooter... economical... Im hot all the time... We are now just chilling out at an awesome resort courtesy of Samui Triathlon.. A big thank-you to Gerald and the team for putting us up and for this great experience . Looking forward to sunday and hoping the heat doesnt get the better of me... Check out my facebook page for loads more photos. Guy