Sunday, October 2, 2011


yep, Im back in Kona

Will be doing a bit of work for blueseventy , be a training hack for some and try and get myself in decent shape at the same time.

Been doing a few training sessions with Luke McKenzie and Crowie, Both great guys and i hope they have ripper days come next Saturday.

below are a few pic's .

I had to take a pic from Lava Java.. every-ones favorite cafe.

The rest are form a swim session with Luke, Craig, Kate, Belinda, Brett and Linsey.


Below are a few pics. from the swim start.
A ride i did with the girls and yes there is no shame in sitting on , when you are riding with some of the best in the bussines.
Belinda Granger, Linsey Corbin, Kate Bevilaqua and Hillary Biscay.

needless to say i am loving my time here on the Isalnd and want time to slow , so i can enjoy it more.

Will have to make a training trip to Kona in 2012 i think...