Friday, April 29, 2011

Sick new ride with Ceepo

I've had the pleasure of working with the good folk from XU1 sports and Ceepo in Perth.
Big thanks to Ian and Andy for being so easy going and welcoming over the last 2 weeks.

I'll make sure i pull myself inside out for you boys... both on and off the race course.

Here are a few pic's of my new machine... ( Only thing missing is my awesome Rolf Prima wheel set )

I'll have more pictures from the race next week. Exciting times ahead for the Viper and i ... First race outing is 70.3 Busselton. hopefully i'll be able to hold the bars as she takes off.

Self Portrait

Ceepo is new to Western Australia. If anyone has any interest in riding one of these machine or getting a little more info on Ceepo's in general, We'll be at the race expo in Busselton. Drop bye if you have the time. Just don't drool on my machine... It's going to get enough slobber on it race day.

travel safe , see you in Busso


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pro Triathletes: Arm Length And Stroke Style

Both Kate and i have very different swimming styles due to our body types.

Kates a midget and i'm a skinny Giraffe like creature.

Anyway have a look at the swim smooth video our good friend and swim coach took of us .

Big thanks to Paul and Adam for putting this together.... it makes me chuckle....

want to swim quicker? check them out it'll be worth your while.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

K-Swiss Rocks ...

K-Swiss have bought out some new shoes that make me cry with excitement ..My tear are tears of pure joy..

Photo's below are of me a little over excited ... i can't really explain the tread mill shot.. ... i was going for a model beach pose and i think it got confused along the way... but still i show the world.....

Big shout out to Erik, Ivette, Ben , John and Beau from K-Swiss.. you keep me clothed both on and off the race course.. If it wasn't for you, i'd be butt ass naked, last time i checked no-one wants to see that...

Check out for some awesome new innovations in footwear including the Kwicky Blade Light.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Who said driving 1200+ KM in a weekend wouldn't be fun... Ok so maybe the driving part would have been ok to miss.

Anyway where do i start, i know how about the part where Kate her mum and i get in a car and drive to a very cool town some 600+ Kilometers away to do a triathlon ....yes ...... i think thats a great place to start..

So Friday morning rolls around , Kate , Karen ( Kates mum ) and i get the car packed full of tri gear , clothes we won't need , a Chilly bin , cooler or eski ... whatever you call the thing that keeps your drinks cold...
The we hit the dusty road ... no word of a lie , it's dusty for the next 7 hours as we make our way to Kalgoorlie....
We pass some very small , yet awesome in there own right towns...

Anyway to cut a long story short , we made it to Kalgoorlie in the early evening on Friday after spending quality time in the car and staring out at the desert....Needless to say my hamstrings hated me!!
That night we had a relaxing meal and few beers and just generally chilled.

the Following morning Kate and i were to meet the local president ( Geoff ) and a group of riders at 6:30 for a spin on the bikes.
When we turned up it was like meeting relatives from years back , Except we had never meet these people. it's just there way to greet you with open arms and smiles, Easy to talk to you and real people with hearts of gold....maybe that comes from being close to the biggest gold mine in the southern hemisphere!! In any case it was very nice of them to be so welcoming . Something Kate and i won't soon forget..

The gold mine/ Super Pit below ( one big as hole )

We then had a presentation for those that wished to attend .... To be honest Kate did most of the talking and i just cracked in with my smart ass comments every now and again... occasionally putting in some worth while comments... such as my addiction to chocolate milk .

The in the evening we were invited to a pasta dinner, which again was a great time.. then soon after 8:30 it was time for bed...I'm a bit of a nana these days ... gotta get in bed before the sun does.... ok i am kidding.... Kates the nana in this relationship...

Next thing you know ... alarm is going off and i'm having my chocolate milk and muffin for breakfast preparing my mind and stomach for an olympic distance race.....
Now being in the Desert, we swim in a pool and you self seed yourself with the others in your lane.... Much to Kates dislike i got in her lane.. Only because i'm use to swimming with her and she knows how to lap out with me ....She hates it ... i love it...

So there we are sitting in the pool getting a 10 second count, and we're off... weird thing about swimming in a can't cheat your time... long course 50 metre pools don't lie about your time... it is what it is ... lucky for me the swim went relatively well and i swum a 18:44 ...sitting on 1:15's .. which is about where i want to be , Out onto the bike and we had 9 laps ...this was great once you got past 5.... then onto the run 4 laps of 2.5 k.... feeling a little sluggish from all the miles my body started to hate me at about 6 k , but came good soon after.. So all in all and pretty good day at the office with a 1:56:03 olympic ...

Kate and i pre race


Post race lunch under the Kalgoorlie tri club banner

Ernie ( AKA Kates bag carrier ) ohhh and her Dad

It was great to see the local talent shine too. There are lots of guys and girls out there who are so strong and have a lot of talent and room to grow as athletes. Big shout out to Shannon .... next time go the right way mate ....

Thank-you Kalgoorlie , you are a awesome bunch of people...
See you in Busselton....


PS: next tmie i might fly...the last 3 hours of driving nearly killed me..... night driving = bad

The LONG drive home... damn WA is big

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Western Australian 80 K TT Champs

This morning was the WA 80k TT champs...
I was kind of looking forward to this , I've been riding well in training and in most races.. So i thought I'd be able to have a reasonable day if the body decided to play along...
The joys of being a triathlete is you are never tapered for these events. Saturday was long run day, so you always go into these races a bit cooked..." time to roll the dice and hope the body has an ok day"

With two time Olympian Matt Illingworth starting , I was hoping 1) to have him not lap me and 2) ride close to or just under 2 hours

The conditions weren't to bad, a bit windy on a rolling course with a cool temperature ( for Perth ).

My body decided to play along today and i could get a fair amount out of myself...
I think it was the pre race chat i had with myself. I told my body if it didn't play along i was going to throw myself off my bike at 60kph into a ditch....lucky it listened....

With my slick Rolf Prima wheels ( see picture ) i managed a 1:59:29


1st Matt Illingworth 1:51:16
2nd Tim Roberts 1:58:34
3rd Guy Crawford 1:59:29
4th Troy Coulthard 2:00:33
5th Scott Neyedli 2:00:35
6th Brynt McSwain 2:01:32
7th Cam Berg 2:01:34
8th Nathan Jones 2:02:02
9th Paul Taseff 2:02:42
10th Chris Roberts 2:02:45

Singapore 70.3

Well its that time.
Lets cut to the chase..
Singapore was not the race I was hoping to kick off my 2011 season.
But we train, we race and we learn…
Travelling to Singapore and spending a few days looking round pre race was great. It was kind of relaxing me….but at the same time I had a lot of nervous energy… So race day couldn’t come round quick enough…

Finally race day rolled around and it was time to go.
Guns goes off :
My swim 9 times out of 10 will get me in the lead group… but as it turns out this was that 10th race and I had a shocker…. Loosing Faris’s feet at about 500metres and swimming at warm up pace for the remainder of the race… really not sure why I couldn’t push any harder.. ( getting soft in my old age perhaps )
Onto the bike and we had a great group including James Cunnma and Scott Nedeyli .. We rode well together to rejoin the lead group just before half way through the bike. Coming off the bike we were in a huge group and it was time to run like a scorched cat…. Unfortunately for me I ran like a beached whale…Slowly. I wanted to run faster but I was deep in struggle street trying to survive….At the end of the day I did survive and finished in 12th with a time of 4:09… Not my best result to date. I did manage to take the fastest bike split of the day so it wasn’t all bad.

Picture below Of me smiling pre race... the smile that was soon to vanish

Still Busselton 70.3 is just round the corner and I’ll be hoping to redeem myself.
Singapore is a great place. You don’t have to leave the air conditioning.. as there are under ground tunnels, trains and plaza’s. If you fancy shopping, Singapore is the place for you..
If you fancy a drink , it’s expensive.. they do have some very cool, unique bars and pubs, but you pay for the experience.
Post race Kate and I ventured out to Sentosa and Universal studio’s where we had a great time riding rollar coasters…( you get wet on some of them… take spare clothes… I didn’t , it was a bad choice ) chilling on the beach… trying to stop monkeys from stealing my shinny stuff….

All and all i had a great trip , but a very average race.
Untill the next time


Kates mum, Kate and me