Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ok Blog update
It’s been a few weeks or four , but who’s counting

So a few weeks back I thought while I’m in base training faze it’d be a great idea to ride with Kate Bevilaqua down to Busselton ( roughly 220KM ) So off we set with another triathlete Scott into a head wind ….. yes a head wind.. ohh bugger.. after a stop at about 130k , I was feeling great, I had the legs and thought this wasn’t going to be so bad.. then at 200k I thought the same.. “ohh I’m having a great ride” then at 210k I was lying on my back in the middle of the road with a broken and dislocated finger , also sporting some new road rash on my hip and elbows.. ohh how 10km can change ones ride….

Long story short , I clipped the side of a stick with my wheel, it bounced into my spokes and then hit my fork on the way round and my bike stopped instantly…
I actually got very lucky… thought I’d broken my collarbone, but after a quick self check i realised it was ok..then I looked at my finger and thought hmmm that’s not pointing where it was about 30sec’s ago..
So off to the hospital in the back of some nice peoples car. In Hospital the doctor came up to me and In his words said“ your finger it bent “….. WTF? ..”Yeah mate thanks for that information”…. So there I was sitting in a room in a dodgy hospital with a doctor who’s diagnosis was “ your finger is bent”??? So I clenched my fist and relocated my own finger…. I would not recommend doing this….it stings a bit…
Anyway… after my relocation, and the great assessment, the nurses told me it’s only broken , patched me up , tapped my fingers together and off I went .. another successful day at the office… yes yes… OHH and check out how the hospital spells Emergencie???

So then it was back to Normal.. training ( with a sore body ) getting ready for my next race 70.3 Singapore… only to be surprised with a last minute trip to New Zealand to watch Kate race IM …. I haven’t been back to NZ for 15months.. so I was more excited than Monkey in a banana farm…
The days rolled past really quickly and it was time to pack my gear and head back to NZ for a week….
I flew over with Kates dad and had my first experience of first class lounges. It’s all table service and they offer massages.. yes that’s right I got a massage between flights… it still makes me laugh.. the lovely lady had to use her elbows…. I wasn’t into the touchy feely massage, I wanted deep tissue on my calf’s….. good for me… not good for her..

So then I land back in Aotearoa / land of the long white cloud , otherwise known as New Zealand. Race day rolled around pretty quickly and I thought it best to be quiet and try as hard as possible to keep out of Kates way and pretty much do whatever I was told.. Race morning can be stressful , but everything went really smooth and soon enough the pro gun had sounded and they were on there way.. Albeit in the most miserable conditions I have ever raced or spectated in, it rained and rained and then rained some more….

Picture of a lone rider in the rain

My attire for the day was, t-shirt, garbage bag, jumper, jacket and another garbage bag… At 8:54Am I remember the rain dripping down my chest onto bare skin… then the next 9 hours were spent shivering uncontrollably… Oh the good times… now all I need is the ebola virus and my life will be complete… HAHA.. Ok I joke… The day wasn’t to cold and it was great to be home to support all my friends and Kate..
Funny enough the next few days were great and the sun came out , it got warm and I had a great time showing people around my home town and getting in a bit of training in a cooler climate.

Swimming in Lake Taupo

I also got to see my mum .. see the picture of me mum and Kate

Time flys… Now I’m back in Perth getting ready to fly to Singapore in a few days to compete in a stacked field at 70.3 Singapore. It should be a lot of fun and I look forward to avoiding getting heat stroke or hopefully avoiding getting heat stroke… Until after Singapore be safe , avoid dislocating joints , crashing your bike and standing in rain for 9 plus hours… I only give wise advice!!

My Mums Dog… why is this in here… I have no idea… just because I like random things and this dog is random…..