Tuesday, July 5, 2011

70.3 Korea

70.3 KOREA

Wow what a trip….. Boise, Seattle, LA, Tokyo, Seoul, Jeju Island for IM and 70.3 Korea and then back again… !!
Needless to say it was a long trip , But a trip that paid off in the “ not so long run “

Jeju Island has this crazy morning, afternoon ( anytime really ) fog that comes and goes….it’s a very beautiful island, but the weather is unpredictable at best.. In the short time we were there is was hotter than the centre of the sun and then cold and raining….

Race morning was as good as it could get, a little fog and mild conditions for the Island , yet still hot and humid by most standards including mine.

With the Ironman race on the same day , I was up a little earlier than I usually would be , But I wanted to see Kate off for the day and so I caught the shuttle to the swim start about 3 hours before my start.
long story short, Kate had a great swim and was off to a stealer start to the day by the time the 70.3 started at 9am.

Once the gun went off it was super fish Kieran Doe who took straight to the lead with me behind and Cam Brown behind me…. The gaps from the water were small and we all soon came together on the bike at around the 20k mark… From there the 3 of us rode together over the challenging course .. leaving it to a run “ show-down” now most people know going into the run against Cam Brown is a bad choice , but today there wasn’t really any options..

So onto the run it was , with Cam, Kieran and myself all together… It wasn’t long before Cam was putting the pressure on , lucky for me it was Kieran who fell off the pace first…I was soon to follow but I felt good and settled into my own rhythm. By the turn I started to feel the heat ( 9am starts , mean you run in the heat of the day ) by 15k I was deep in the hurt box and it mostly due to the heat and lack of salt.. “ note to self … take salt next time” The run course in Korea is brutal , It consists of hills , hills and more hills and NO shade….it’s relentless .

At the end of the day I held onto 2nd place and as you can tell by the picture below .. I was pretty stoked/happy/wrapped/ over the moon.. however you want to describe excited……
To top off my great day , My lovely lady Kate , won the woman’s Ironman… So all in all we think Korea was a “ great success “

1st Cameron BROWN 4:03:58 

2nd Guy CRAWFORD 4:15:03 

3rd Kieran DOE 4:15:56 

4th Fredrik CRONEBORG 4:17:00 

5th Jarrod OWEN 4:26:27

Now it’s time for a little R& R in Boise before starting it all again.
I’m very excited for the second half of the year.

Thanks to my sponsors and supporters…your all legends and play a huge part in my transition from working man to Pro Triathlete..

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