Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Update So After 70.3 Busselton we packed up ship and headed to the USA. We've been in the USA a little over a week. Training has been great, moving into the appartment was quite smooth, we even adopted a cat.. Still yet to find out where he came from. Seems like we have just settled back in, had all our gear arrive (including my awesome new race suit ) and now it's time to depart again. Honu 70.3 is just around the corner and Kate and i are heading out a bit early to get some sun and training in out there for a few weeks.
Honu 70.3 is turning into the world championship of triathlon. With Lance on the start list it has attracted a stella field... Not to worry though i'll go to max and see what happens... After Honu we have IM CDA which im actually excited about. IM use to scare me ,but im looking forward to this one..( fingers crossed it doesnt scar me internally , haha )After that its time for a small mid season break. I feel like we've been racing and training hard since IM NZ. So unlike last year when i totally cooked myself, ill take a small break and then refocus. Next update from the island. Pic's below My fighting Kiwi logo on the back of my Shorts.. Thanks flag makers. Kate fixing up dinner in the Apartment The new addiction to the family "Mr Cat" and yeah he probably needs another name. Any ideas?
Cheers Guy

Sunday, May 6, 2012

BUSSELTON 70.3 Wow what a big few months. All starting with IM New Zealand, followed by 70.3 Singapore, Karri Valley Triathlon, WA State 80K TT, Kalgoorlie Olympic , Thailand Samui Long Course Tri and finally 70.3 Busselton. It's been a fantastic start to the year and now the body has 4 weeks to get ready for Honu 70.3 then IM Coeur d Alene in Late June. Back to Busselton 70.3 Race morning rolled round rather quickly, i felt like we'd just gotten off the plane from Thailand. However even with all the travel i felt mentally and physically strong.
We got in for the swim warm up and it wasn't like swimming in a pool AT ALL. The chop was quite servere and once i came in from my warmup i had a quick chat with Paul Newsome ( super swim coach ) and he told me to "Swing baby Swing"...I feel i should define that further. That means when its choppy you need to swing your arms over more and recover with more of a straight arm. His words rang through my head for a good portion of the swim and i got myself into the perfect spot behind Luke Mckenzie and Luke Bell, All and all i had a great swim and was happy with the way i felt and my positioning. Onto the Bike and Luke Bell put in huge effort to close a 25 sec gap to Mckenzie and to say my legs were screaming is an under statement. I tried to go with Bell, but had to settle into my own rhythm after a few K's. I ended up being caught by a few guys and riding the remainder of the cycle leg with them. We Came off the bike 2mins back from the Luke's, White and 3:30 down on the leader. I wanted more from my cycling legs, Not quite sure why i didnt have the legs i usually do but happy i felt strong towards the end of the bike. ( good sign for IM )
Out onto the run and i was on a roller coaster ride, i felt great then i felt crap, then great, then crap.. At the end of the day i felt like i ran strong, unfortunately it wasn't as fast as i would have liked. I ended the day in 7th place. A happy 7th, i gave all i had today and while i wanted more i am happy in the fact i gave 100% of what i had.
It's time for Kate and i to pack up our gear and get ready for our 6 month stint in the USA. Thanks again for all the support. I'm looking forward to kicking off my US season in a few weeks time.
Cheers Guy