Tuesday, March 4, 2014

IMNZ Race Report

My homeland Ironman.

Ironman NZ is one of those races I've been to almost every year since it moved to Taupo.
The event itself has such strong support and an electric vibe, It's a must do on the IM circuit.

This year drummed up perfect conditions. In fact the entire week leading into the race saw perfect weather conditions.

Race day rolled up and with the usual morning routine done and dusted we were into he water ready to roll.
The canon went and there was the usual chaos that follows as everyone burns there nervous energy in the first few hundred meters and then settles in.
The first 1km went by well I was in the lead group. Probably a little far back for comfort, but I thought it would be ok. Unfortunately someone dropped feet and despite my best effort I couldn't bridge the gap back to the leaders. (Won't be making that mistake again)

Out onto the bike and the gap to the front was 2min. I was in great company with Tim Berkel, Cam Brown and Rhodesy! Tim rode like a champ and we caught the leaders by 80km, which was awesome!

The dynamic then changed and it looked likely to be a runners race. Marko Albert then got a gap through an aid station and no one seemed willing to close it. This was going to be the winning move for a well deserved champion!

I had good legs on the bike and made a little move before the Reparoa turn around, I got out to about 45sec and then changed my mind. With 45km to ride I didn't want to burn all my matches on the bike. I made the hard decision and went back to the group! The old me would have "burned it all" however I think this saved me in the end.
We came into transition in a group of roughly 10 with Marko 6mins up the road.
The guys went out like scorched cats, being I've never run to my potential for an Ironman I settled into my own pace (although that was to quick)and started my run.

I felt good on the first lap and by the time I had finished the second lap I was still ok, I got news out on the course that I was sitting in 7th place... Then The hurt really started. "I thought, don't pass out, don't walk, don't cramp, just keep moving forward".
I made it to the finish shoot in one piece and gave my family a quick hug on my way down!! (Living and training in Australia and the USA means I don't get to see them much, So this race was extra special)
I was Excited to be finished, excited to execute and good race and excited that it's only March and my early season fitness is there.

Now it's time to rest up, do some light training and plan the next one.

Big thanks to Darryl Carey http://www.darrylcarey.com/ for the Pictures you see above!

Thanks to you all for the support, It's going to be a big season.
As always it couldn't be done without you!!