Thursday, August 19, 2010

Training In Bend

Just Arrived in Bend Oregon and this place is amazing..

I've been training with Luke Mckenzie, Amanda balding and Matt Lieto here .
it's been great to be shown the bike and run routes and get given important coffee shop advice from the local ( Lieto )

This morning we rode up Mount Bachelor , followed by a run around the river near town ( yes that river is near town )

The next 5 days should be totally awesome!!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lake Stevens 70.3 and the USA

The USA and Lake Steven’s 70.3

Well well… hello from the USA

I turned up to the US on the 5th of August and spent some time with the super wicked team at K-Swiss .

Thanks for putting up with me Mr Harper, Ivette and captain EV

From K-Swiss head quarters in LA it was off to Seattle and the blueseventy head quarters. where I met up with John and some of the team …
I always love coming back to Seattle , I’ve spent most of my time while in the US here and it feels like a home away from home.

John and the team at blueseventy were kind enough to kit us out in some of the latest swim gear and also provide us with swimskins for the race… as rumor had it the water temperature was above 70 degrees and we wouldn’t be using wetsuits.

So on to the race

Lining up I knew I had a solid block of training under me and I knew I had a good race in me. How-ever I hadn’t raced since early may so I wasn’t sure how the body would cope with race PAIN…..The biggest obstacle would be my mind….The field was stacked , having multiple IM and 70.3 champions on the start line…. So I tried to not worry about them and just focus on my race…… which is easy to say… not so easy to do…

Onto the RACE..
The swim was great , I had a good start and settled into a good rhythm at the front end of the field.

A group of 6-8 of us came out of the water about 30 sec’s behind Brian Fleishman , but soon caught him on the bike. The bike was on and off, with Matt Lieto dictating much of the pace at the front.. Joe Gambles had an amazing ride to catch us half way through the second lap of the bike and that’s when things heated up and I started to climb into the hurt locker …..
Onto the run and the same group all came off the bike together. I had a quick transition and was out onto the run feeling some-what average from the hard bike.. I never really felt great running and lost a few places to the runners of the sport . Even though I was in struggle street for a good potion of the run , I managed to hold it together and finish in 8th place which I am happy with.

The support out there was amazing…Thanks for all the messages and a big thanks to my amazing sponsors who put a roof over my head and gave me the best products on the market… you guys and girls are gold…. Hopefully over the next few months the results will get better.

I think my legs are about to cramp in that last picture.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Trip to the USA y'all


Im back on USA soil... it's been a great week so far ,
I've just landed in Seattle and spent the day catching up with friends and chilling out.

The first 5 days were spent with the read team at K-swiss head quarters... Thanks Ben, Erik and Ivette for putting up with me .. you guys are awesome!!!

I am off to a race this Sunday "Lake Stevens 70.3" so fingers crossed that goes well.. I'll be sure to post soon after the race and let you know if i blew or rocked it .. lol