Tuesday, December 18, 2012

70.3 Canberra

It's that time when the Northern hempisphere season is over and the southern hempisphere season begins. Triathlon being a year round sport now.

I thought i'd have a crack at Canberra 70.3 despite only base training for 6 weeks.
I was positive leading into the race that i could have a good day.

Race day rolled around and i told my body that is wasn't 1AM due to the time change from Perth. I was surprised to find i felt pretty good. ( triple shot coffee's help )

The swim was a one lap deep water start with some young ITU guys coming across to have a crack at the longer distance. Once the gun went off it was on, The pace at the front was fast and after a few hundred metres i had to back off or risk exploding.
Two guys got away and left a group of us about 1 min back out of the water.

Onto the bike and this is wear things got crazy. It was a 5 lap bike course ( due to road works ) there was a fair amount of carnage. Despite the numbers our group managed to leave the bike course in one piece. ( As did most ) Except for one dude i saw with a broken collar bone... OUCH!! mend fast mate....Ok i'm getting side tracked, back to the race.

Onto the run and i was excited to see what i could do after the biggest run block of my life.
Things started off ok i was running a solid tempo, but i was still well off the winners "Tim Reeds" pace. I really struggled trying to run fast, but as the run went on i felt better and better. Maybe it was the distances i've been running or the positive self talk that was going on.( Thanks Pete ) But i started bringing people back towards the end of the run and had more in the tank to give.

Long story short, i'd much prefer to be on the podium, but im excited about where my fitness is this early and i'm looking forward to the season ahead.

REED, Tim Australia 00:24:00 02:00:43 01:12:06 03:40:13 1 1
LAMPE, Joseph Australia 00:22:31 02:00:02 01:16:56 03:42:57 2 2
BETTEN, Sam Australia 00:23:45 02:00:44 01:15:08 03:44:19 3 3
PRINCE, Michael Australia 00:24:01 02:00:38 01:17:58 03:46:15 4 4
WALL, Lindsey Australia 00:23:57 02:00:47 01:19:27 03:47:33 5 5
HODGE, James Australia 00:22:35 01:59:38 01:22:20 03:48:24 6 6
REITHMEIER, Alex Austria 00:23:59 02:00:31 01:21:05 03:49:11 7 7
CRAWFORD, Guy New Zealand 00:23:54 02:00:42 01:21:56 03:50:11 8 8
ALLEN, Ben Australia 00:23:41 02:04:50 01:20:06 03:52:08 9 9
SKIPWORTH, Todd Australia 00:23:52 02:08:47 01:16:22 03:53:25 1 10

Thank-you for the continued support
Your all legends


Thursday, December 13, 2012

70.3 Augusta

I tried the double AGAIN. ( two 70.3s in 7 days )

This time was better than the last yet still not great.

70.3 Augusta started off in mild conditions , perfect racing weather really.
The swim has a bit of a current as my race best swim (19:52 ) shows. Usually I'll swim about 24-25mins

The swim went pretty smooth with a group of about 7 of us existing the water within 20 secs of each other and then onto the bike we mostly rode together .
My legs felt like they were full of cement. I struggled for the first 30miles then managed to find my riding legs ...or maybe i adjusted to the pain.

I went to front for the last 12 miles and led the group off the bike into transition 2. The group had now dropped to 5. Out of T2 and into the run I felt like death warmed up. I waited hoping my legs, lungs and head would come good. But it wasn't to be, I ran the 21k slowly but still in much pain. The week before I ran 12 mins quicker and it felt easier.

70.3 Augusta was a tough tough day and I tried to push my body somewhere it obviously didn't want to go.
Will I do it again? Yeah probably, I'm a slow learner..3rd times a charm right?

So after Flying back to Boise and spending a few days training and recovering it was off to Hawaii for IM World Championship . I'm working for blueseventy and doing my roll as supporter for the many friends we have racing.

The island was all hussle and bustle , Lycra and swimsuits. ( the poor locals )

It's been an exciting week, hanging out at the coffees of Hawaii boat, Ceepo signing, hanging with the blueseventy and K-Swiss crew. Plus catching up with loads of people we only get to see once a year.

Ohh and watching those crazy athletes battle the Kona IM course. it was a hot tough day that saw some interesting changes at the pointy end of the race.