Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rolf Prima..... are awesome

I love my wheels... Seriously i think i have a problem... Ok another problem..

but they are totally awesome , An awesome ride, with low spoke count ( ie: faster that a ferret on crack) , check them out at

The company is run by one rad dude ( Brian), which along with a fantastic product = one freaking awesome company..

Sorry about my pose in that photo... I'm practicing to become a male model.... no job offers yet.....i'll let you know...


Gosh Skipping is PAIN..... I was out to impress and instead all i did was encourage shin splits..
I was at it for a few minutes and after that i was like NAH... this is too hard...

I can still do a double under though..... Actually i think i made 10 in a row... So i was stoked and my heart was at like 180 bpm.... i'm soft...
I look like i'm about 300 years old in that photo.... Yoda would be proud...

This is BEN the Ibis

Friday, March 19, 2010

Suffering with the guys

A few of my mates are doing the Mooloolaba Tri coming up and i've been jumping in on a few of there hard sessions..... ( Lots of max effort stuff) That i haven't been doing.... too much of lately..

The one below was a swim, bike, run x 3.... there was alot of OUCH out there. Matt Lance is an ex 16min 1500m swimming , so he puts the hurt on early and Dwain is an all rounder.. His motto is " If i don't spew or cry during a hard session i haven't gone hard enough" He'll keep you honest all day, every day...

A few pic's from our day below.....A super fun session to do with your mates

The Swim Exit

The Bike, Under the careful watch of coach Pete.... No slacking or you get the cane

The Run and then the finish, Happy to be done , But it's time to go again.... The hunt for your goggles is on.

blueseventy Advert pic

After having the fastest swim at one of New Zealands Hardest Halfs, ( Rotorua ), blueseventy started to use the bottom shot of me exiting the water, It helped being one of the only people on the planet with a 2010 Helix at the time. But i'll take it....