Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Trip and Chaos

So it's been a busy time since hitting US soil, I'll try and limit the words and increase the pictures.

We arrived in Boise and got into an easy training routine. I borrowed a mountain bike and hit the trails,
You can climb for hours and decend for minutes. I'm excited to

As soon as we arrived it felt like we were leaving again. This time we were heading off for a vacation/hoilday with Kates Family.

A few quick flights and we arrived in Calgary and drove to Banff.

Pic's below from our Hotel room, the Hotel "Banff Springs Hotel" and a view of the town from the top of the Gondola.
A beautiful place.

Then it was off to Kamloops...Kate and I, Canadian Geese.

And then it was to Vancouver airport and onwards to Alaksa
First stop Anchorage.

We raced a 12K running event the night we arrived. Mental note to self don't run with 4 Kenyans on running scholarships for the first mile or the next 7 miles you will feel like a dead man walking..(true story)
Other Pic's of a small town "Whittier" just south of Anchorage. It was still COLD there in June.

And then it was off to Denali State Park. Picture of our hotel

And then we flew into the Arctic circle to a community of 13 people that live there year round.
CRAZY!! It's winter 8 months of the year. We had a tour with a resident called Jack and he was HARD CORE!! But normal at the same time.

And then we were off to Talkeetna, This is a cool town with it's own local brewery and great locals.

And then back to Anchorage and off to Vancouver for a few days.
A trip to Whistler and a few nights in downtown Vancouver. We even had time to run the famous Grouse grind.
3km took me 45mins...INSANE!!

And then?
well and then it was back to Boise and back into normal training.

It's been a wild month, but I'm happy to be home and happy to be training and getting ready for the next race.

I'll be hanging out with the blueseventy crew at IM Coeur D Alene so hopefully I'll bump into a few of you there.
Next race 70.3 Lake Stevens.

Cheers and Thanks