Monday, May 5, 2014

70.3 Busselton

The picture below sums up how I feel about 70.3 Busselton given my preparation was VERY average!

Leading into the race I had the most fun I've ever had, I was very relaxed and happy to be apart of the pre race festivities, Chat with the pro's and School visits!

I even had the great honor of being on the Busselton Billboard this year! EPIC (That thing is BIG)

Onto the race, again I was very relaxed heading into the water for a quick warm up!
With all the ITU boys coming across to 70.3 racing the swims are getting faster and faster. If you can take the knocks and get in the middle of it, you'll swim fast, but if you get dropped it's a lonely swim. I stayed right in the thick of it and exited near the front.
Onto the bike and a group of 9 of us came together. The pace was honest with James Hodge driving the speed up front for a good portion of the ride.
We jostled around a bit, but remained together for the 90k ride.
Then onto the run, there was the usual T2 nightmare of 9 guys trying to get off the bike first, once we were laced up and running I left transition in about 6th place. I really had nothing to lose, the race pays 6 deep and I thought "just run the first lap really hard"... Then after one lap I could "go lie in the sand" if things got really bad!!
But despite the lack of running I felt good. The legs keep ticking over and I just pretended nothing hurt.
The legs threatened cramp, but held together and I crossed the line in 6th Place. A very happy 6th place!

Sometimes, all you need to do is dig deep and turn your brain off!

I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed racing the guys and being part of the Busselton festivities.
I'm already super excited about 70.3 Boise and getting a few more runs under my belt.
My legs are rebelling against me at the moment

Van Berkel, Tim AUS 1 03:43:07
Reithmeir, Alex AUS 2 03:43:29
Appleton, Sam AUS 3 03:43:39
Betten, Sam AUS 4 03:48:24
Munro, Casey AUS 5 03:49:51
Crawford, Guy NZL 6 03:50:32
Rodgers, Tom AUS 7 03:53:21
Johnsen, Jimmy AUS 8 03:57:43
Anderson, Mitch AUS 9 03:58:35
Burton, Matt AUS 10 03:59:42

USA here we come


Pic's curtesy of Janine Kaye Photography (Thanks Janine)