Tuesday, August 16, 2011

work vegas and mayhem

Well its been a busy month.

I started doing a bit of work for blueseventy again , which meant heading to IM lake Placid and Salt lake city soon after wards for dealer camp.

Then it was the big BDAY for Kate , so like most normal people we headed to vegas for 48 hours.... be careful not to go over your 48 hour time limit or life will end up like the hang-over movie and you'll have a tiger in your bed ......

during our short time in Vegas we took Kates brother and sister in law to the Elvis Chapel to renew there vowels. Went out for a nice dinner... then went out till 3am doing stuff....

Of course we were in a limo....

The following night was more entertainment ... we watched an AMAZING Show from Cirque Du Soleil " KA " if you have a chance go and see this show ..... these guys and girls are out of this world...ie: real badass. .. sorry no pictures.. camera's arent allowed.

those of you that have been to vegas or are going... pack a spare liver and other necessary organs...."now thats good advice"

Pic of us at Paris .. great restaurant out the front and it's located straight across from the water show at the Bellagio

Kate looking very cute on her birthday night..... i was Mr man slave

needless to say.. Vegas was awesome... awesome for 48 hours only.... remember my well thought out advice!!!

I did a 12k running race two weekends ago and my legs were sore for days.... they hurt more than after a 70.3 ..... OUCH!!
The race was all trials with some massive descents... quads = tender to the touch!!

Last weekend we raced the Idaho Olympic distance champs... Was a good day at the office and a real confidence booster .
My fitness has taken more than a few knocks over the last month, but after putting in some hard work , i felt great come race day and managed to come away with the win. So now i get the awesome title of Idaho State Olympic champion...

Kate came away with second after winning it for the last two years... Shame she got a wasp sting a few days before and had a bad allergic reaction... Most people wouldn't have started.. she looked like her arm was a puffer fish!! well done babe!!