Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Random Ramble, USA

So I realise my blog posts have been a bit off and on. 

So instead of giving you a long drawn out blog with poor punctuation. I will do this blog with pictures and small witty statements. (Ok I'm not that witty, but i'll write "stuff" and try and keep you somewhat entertained)

A lot has been happening.

In July:  I raced XTERRA Boise, Came 2nd and will look to throw a few more XTERRA races into my 2015  schedule. They make training even more fun!

you can't tell from this shot, but I was feasting out of a healthy serving of pain

From there it was off to New York with Ruth, Mazzy and Mel. In the mix of Ironman training it was a welcome break. 

Time Square, if you ever want to have a panic attack, I suggest going here!! TOOOOOOO many people

Post Panic attack photo with Kate and Ruth. Time Sqaure

Are they laughing at me or with me? I wasn't laughing so I guess its the first option!

Yeah it says Guys!!!

View from Central park Museum

Kate, Guy, Mel, Mazzy, Ruth

No problems here!! WTF

From NYC it was onto Colorado to spend a few day at altitude, do a half marathon and watch Ironman Boulder!!
View down to Winter Park CO which sits at 9000feet. Breathing up here was a shock to the system!

Rented a Mountain bike in Winter park and got myself lost.... 

Kate at the Half marathon in Estes Park 7500 feet

Kate 2nd, me 5th (She's such an over achiever) 

Start of a epic day on the bike Estes Park, CO

During epic ride I took us down an unpaved road for 7 miles.... Whoops my bad!!! Lots of random houses were built into the side of the mountain. I'm guessing it would be super hard to get in and out in winter!!

Road from Estes Park to Loveland

Kate getting dropped by Courtney mid way through her marathon at Ironman Boulder. She did Awesome and we were very proud!!

After IM Boulder Kate and I drove through the night back to Boise. (thats how we celebrated Kate's birthday. She's so lucky.... Sorry babe....)

Then later that day we picked up Jono who stayed with us for 4 weeks to get ready for 70.3 Worlds

Jono and I after climbing Bogus, 3500 Feet of climbing
August: Both Kate and I raced the Idaho state Olympic distance champs and came away with the wins. Always nice to win a race. We are both happy with where the fitness was two week sour from Ironman Louisville. I went 1:51 and change and Kate went 2:04 and change!

I have no pictures of us racing.....
So instead here is a picture of Kate and I on our way to dinner. This Alley way is called "Freak Alley" Artists come from all over to repaint the Alley each year. 
One of my favourite shots. (Freak Alley)

Then the day came, Ironman Louisville. Kate was really hoping to defend her title,  I was hoping to just do well. The day turned out to be slightly hotter than the sun and both Kate and I suffered for it. BUT there is a bright side. We both had great swim and bike combo's and were both in the lead until xx amount of miles into the run. Still another race around the corner and there is not point crying over spilt milk? Unless it was for your morning coffee and then you cry until you feel better, you cry all day if you have to.

Kate and Chris were live on TV in Louisville, I watched from home!!
team Coeur plus me after racking our bikes. 
Kate and Jacque our most awesome home stay and now good friend.
Great shot, leading from the water in my blueseventy swimskin. I love how the camera adds 10LBS. I actually looks like I've got some muscle. Don't worry, I don't!!
Running mile 1

Me still leading at mile 3 or 4
Jacque did it for the team and finished her first Ironman!!  Well done you
Jacque and Kate Post race

I'm in Kentucky, it's all about Bourbon and shotguns
From here it was back to Boise, re-group and now it's time to go again. So here we are up to date in Tahoe, CA. This weekend we will be racing Ironman Tahoe. Should be a lot of fun and a new experience. Tahoe is an amazing place!!

South tahoe

Kate and I striking a pose. Lucky I have those Ape arms!!


Kate and Jamie (our home stay) out the front of her place!!1 Yes we are VERY lucky!!
Kate and I

Just because I thought this was cool.

Guy and Carrot. Carrot helped me write this!!

Ok so that brings me to the end of this Picture blog. There are plenty more shots on my Twitter and Facebook so go check them out.
Thanks Guy

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Lake Tahoe is amazing!! The water is cold to start and then perfect after 5min.
Kate and I playing with our Go Pro this morning!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Whats Up!!!

Living the dream in Boise, Enjoying the trails and sunshine.

Here's a Video of Kate and I riding close to home!!


It's been an epic summer of training.
Next up we have Ironman Tahoe in a few weeks.
Our athlete's have been rocking it all over the worlds and we bought a MINIVAN!!!! YEAH!!!