Thursday, June 10, 2010

My mate Jarred has issues

Below is the update from Jarred on his wee facial accident....

" So yeah i woke up this morning ..... There was some blood on the pillow and i could feel it running don my face. I had a vague recollection of falling from my top bunk. Obviously i rolled over and went back to sleep for a few hours . The i woke up and touched my face and felt a gash and thought oh dear, then i found the second gash and thought thats not good. So then i got my camera and took a photo so i could see what was going on.... and this is what i saw.....

40 stitches in my forehead and 20 in my chin.... $900 at the hospital...... falling out of bed was a bad choice...

But i thought i would send this to perk you up man... I know howyou love to see me destroy myself.. I did it good this time....This new chin scar is going to put the old one to shame...The one on my forehead was deep man, to the bone. Almost made a few people yak at my hostal.. good times. Im pretty sure it's just from my face slamming into the floor too.. Didn't hit anything on the way down.

Ohh yeah i had had a few drinks the evening before... So my reflexes may have been time i think i might put my hand out to break my fall... instead of using my face as a cushion... but then i would have these awesome scars on my face.....
"Hi my names Jarred and i have a drinking problem" I'm looking forward to getting smashed tonight to take my mind off it...

That was from Jarred..... Hey Jarred maybe the bottom bunk is a good choice or better yet a mattress of the floor? but hey you do what you want....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Training Bible Interview

Guy Crawford: “We are seeing a new level of swimmers”


Guy Crawford (NZ) recently finished 6th overall at the IM 70.3 in Busselton, Australia with an overall time of 3.57.5. A wonderful result considering his running preparation had been slowed down due to a foot injury earlier in the year. Promising result for the rest of his season.

Merlendurance caught up with him for a brief chat. You can follow Guy on his blog at:

1-Can you tell us precisely your role with blueseventy?

Over the last 6 years I have been the sponsorship manager for Blueseventy, which involves Events ,Athletes and finally Sales…

As of recently I have taken a step back from my full time role as sponsorship manager and now only work Part time as Athlete Liaison and random task master… it’s an Awesome gig, for a cool company….( Plenty of time to train now to and i just got my pro license…. so i need the time….lol)

2-How important is it for you to still compete while being with your company?

It’s been very important to me and a lot of us at blueseventy…. Although sometimes you can’t get the training volume in due to travel, events or busy schedules … We generally get together for a lunchtime run too.. which is always a good time to catch up with the boss and discuss where we’re at with things…

3-Why do you think blueseventy differs from other products on such a competitive market?

Because we are swimmers/triathletes that design products based on “you the athletes feedback.” We make our suits to feel / fit great and to be the fastest, using only the best materials. We are a company that genuinely cares about the athlete…

4-How do you rate the swimming level of athletes, pro and age groupers?

When they are in a blueseventy wetsuit, they are fast! ahahaha.
Ok , Well the level ranges , they say ” the race can’t be won in the swim, but it can be lost.” I think what we are seeing now is a new level of swimmer Pro and age groupers alike.
We have guys and girls that use to be professional Open-water / Pool swimmers turning to triathlon and the rest of the pro fields have really had to lift their game .
I think the days of seeing a cyclist win are nearly numbered.. You don’t see the likes of Crowie coming from behind to win , he always makes sure he’s in the lead pack.
In age group races, You’ll notice a huge range of abilities…The very best, through to the first timer trying to make the 2:20 Cut off for Ironman…

5-What are some of the key sessions you would advise people to do to get better?

This is very personal , Some people need distance , some need shorter harder stuff. But i can tell you what helps me feel good in the water .
I find i need to keep the consistency and milage relatively high in order to swim well.
Below is a session i try to knock out very week or so..( depending on your ability level you can change the times around ) Basically the 100′s get faster,The rest stays on the 1:30 cycle or what-ever cycle is comfortable for you..( not to comfortable )
Swim Session
500 swim on 1:30 cycle, 5×100 on 1:30, 10 x 50 on 00:45
400 swim on 1:30 cycle, 4×100 on 1:25, 8x 50 on 00:45
300 swim on 1:30 cycle, 3×100 on 1:20, 6x 50 on 00:45
200 swim on 1:30 cycle, 2x 100 on 1:15, 4x 50 on 00:45( that hurts)
100 swim on 1:30 cycle, 1x 100 on 1:10, 2 x 50 on 00:45 ( that hurts even more)

As for biking and running advise… Keep it consistent and you’ll see improvements….

6-What should we expect soon from blueseventy?

Well as most of you probably already know we have lauched our Tri Range ( which according to many triathletes couldn’t come fast enough) Sorry for the delay people… we’re perfectionist…
Carbon Fibre goggles….( these are more than awesome ) New Nero TX swim wear for pool races. ( in addiction we’ve lauched 5 new wetsuits)
Later in the year you’ll also see some new stuff ( Totally awesome new stuff) , but if i tell you now there will be no surprise and my CEO will kill me…( win win for every-one)

happy swimming,
Guy “you should by a Helix” Crawford